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2/03/00: FAREWELL: Two years Nitedrifter's Realm have been up and now, I've lost my passion to maintain it. I used to enjoy updating it daily/weekly but now, I just don't want to do it anymore. I'm going through an identity crisis and dealing with some issues in my life...who am I really? All I know is that I don't want to be this person anymore. Nitedrifter's Realm will remain up on the geocities server, it just won't be updated at all. I debated on moving the site to another server and even went as far as to obtain web space and paid for an annual contract of ad-free hosting. Then I registered my domain The day after I did this, I started to feel bad..."do I really want to continue doing this? do I want to start a new ndrealm or just move it? have I grown tired of it all?" I was plagued with uncertainty...and miraculously, my new server mysteriously had trouble with domain registration the night I was registering. So my domain never got about an intervention. I thought it was a done deal and had doubts about it. It was like the goddesses said, "nah, she won't be happy with this so we need to make it so she's not stuck with this decision." Thanks for watching out for me again! So to make a long story shorter, I'm rethinking the domain name...trying to think of one that would fit me better but I guess I need to figure out who I am first. If you want to see the new design I had started for, just go to for a look! For those who's visited regularly, THANKS! For the first time visitor, there's about 150 pages to explore so have fun. Happy Trails....but really, is it a happy one?

1/22/00: BIG NEWS!! Explosive sounds of RAR lands them a major record deal!

1/01/00: NEW! Online Journal Year 2000!

8/30/99: Brand new guestbook! Sign it before it fills up! Go to Nitedrifter's Dreambook to read and sign it!

7/20/99: Watch for WOODSTOCK '99 POSTINGS during the festival dates here if I can get online there!

7/18/99: Newest addition to my site has been added last week and you must check it out! Check out REBEL AMISH RADIO's section of my website with concert photos and review of their latest CD "Embracing The Struggle".

Updated today is my Shows I've attended page! See a long list of all the concerts I've seen since 1998!

WOODSTOCK '99.....HERE I COME! UPS man brought my tickets last tuesday and I can't wait to go!

6/6/99: I'm getting ready to redesign this website so please bare with me. I'm gonna make it even easier to navigate and add some sections while condensing others! My new sections will include: Music (of course!), Spirituality (Wicca belief and much more), All About ME (hey, it is my site, right?), and a Miscellaneous section (for all other stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else!). Look for it in the next month or so.....meanwhile, you're on your own with the concert updates... ;)

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Glad you finally found your way here to my place....Welcome to Nitedrifter's Realm!

Whatever your reason was for stumbling upon my website, you were totally meant to see it. So stay awhile and take a lesson in life from me. What you see isn't what you get because when one layer is uncovered, another layer reveals itself. Here, you'll get a glimpse of who Nitedrifter is and what kinds of stuff she's into!

ICQ WILL TELL YOU! click here to view my personal icq page and check my online status! If you have ICQ and wish to chat with me, my ICQ # is 2443153 or click on the status bar to view my ICQ info! If you don't have ICQ.....WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!? FEAR NOT! You can Download ICQ Now absolutely FREE! Or...try the new chat room I just added on 3/26/99 by clicking on the icon I just made below!

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MUSIC is definately one of my passions in life and I live for live shows. I find that if I don't get my weekly fix of live concerts, I get a bit melancholy =( That's why a major part of this site is dedicated to music. Not only does it keep me in check with what's happening around town, but it also gives local web surfers a look at the calendar and some possible shows they may want to see!

I love Hard Rock, Metal, and Industrial styles of music. I like music that's HARD and totally ROCK! The trickier the guitar, the faster the drums, the more intense the vocals, the more I like it! I totally get into the music when I go to the shows and I try real hard to be up's fun in the pit as long as no one kicks me in the head...hahhaha...but the guys are real cool with keeping the girls from harm ;)!

I love anything that lets me express my creativity and allows me to have fun! I enjoy anything that's artistic from photography to the wonderful world of painting and drawing. I may not be real good at it but it's fun for me. I love designing my website....all the stuff you see on my site is done by me, design, graphics, colors, layout, pics, etc.. I also like writing and telling stories....I have a knack for words =)

I love the outdoors too.....aahhh..."being one with nature" is a blessing for me. Camping is one of my favorite outdoor activities....something about sleeping in a tent that thrills me......well, not when it's 90 degrees outside and 100 degrees inside the tent in the mornings....or when it's so cold that your own shivering wakes you up in the middle of the night...then I'm not so thrilled.

I'll be exploring these areas more in the future but I gripe about them already in my online journal! You can read my daily journal and laugh your ass off cuz my life is probably totally chaotic compared to yours....or maybe I'll actually make sense to you, who knows!

I plan on expanding my pages with actual info soon....I just been kinda busy lately with a ton of other projects. Well, enjoy your stay and email me, I'd love to hear from you!

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