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Last updated 4/2/99

Hi! Welcome to my Kilgore page.
This site is still under construction, so please be patient.
Click here for information on the band and EXCLUSIVE photos!
Also, check out the band's official webpage for more cool stuff.

The Extreme Championship Wrestling compilation album,
which includes a cover by Kilgore of Pantera's "Walk", was released in October!
If you don't have it yet, what are you waiting for?!

Anyone who's seen Kilgore's official bulletin board, or
Sean's great site, Introverted, knows that lead singer Jay Berndt
recently left the band to pursue other interests. The rest of the band
has vowed to carry on, but there's no word yet on
a new singer for Kilgore (or whatever they will be called)...

If anyone out there has anything they would like added to this site, please let me know!
(Thanks to Skye for the photos!)
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