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Dylan World!!

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the 'net devoted to the Man and his Music. In between my slaving away scooping ice cream and sweeping floors for a miserable $5.15 an hour ((I love my job, can't ya tell! LoL)) I'll be updating as much as possible this summer. Come back often, and enjoy your stay!

"I think it's pitiful, people blaming their lives on their childhoods. You're an adult now, you have the ability to move on."

Jake's Faves!
Did You Know?!(updated 8/18)
But What About The Other Guys?(updated 8/20)
Survey! (new 9/7)
Survey Results! (new 9/7)
Wallie Songs!(new 8/20)
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Are You A Dylanhead? (updated)
Links Jakob Might Enjoy!(new 8/2)
Jakob Quotes! (new 8/24)
The Trophy Room! (new 8/7)
Links! (updated 9/7)
Wallflower/Dylan Dreams!!(new 8/22)
Caption Contest (new 8/22)

***Coming Attractions***

**A Trading Room!**

**Credits ( A Big Merci Beacoup to Desiree)**

**Concert Reviews**

**A Page About Me!**


A "Win Jakob Dylan" Sweepstakes!!! (this is a joke, folks!)

**Much More!**

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