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A Little About Me

     My name is Denise. I'm from West Virginia. I'm divorced with two wonderful boys, JoJo who is 14, and Hunter, who is 11.

     I work for the State Supreme Court in the Probation Department.

     I've been a volunteer for the Red Cross in disaster/family services for about six years.

     I'm a member of the Fayette Plateau Junior Women's Club and the New River Human Society.

     I’m an advocate for Violence Against Women.

     I’m a soccer mom. My hobbies are reading, gardening, shopping of course, and doing anything outdoors.


   The following web pages were made by me and are inspiration pages with scenery poetry.

  Food For Thought 

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Tips for Success
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Personal Growth
What the World Needs
Strength and Courage
Children Learn What They Live


It's not the things you do,
but the things you leave undone;
that causes a bit of heartache,
at the setting of the sun.


I'm a member of
The HTML Writers Guild