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Here are some clips of my playing:

Tonight is Gonna Be Alright
This one is an original uptempto rock/metal song.

Another hard rocker with some different textures between sections. I wrote this song as a joke when my friend Traci got onto "A Dating Story," the reality dating series on The Learning Channel.
Rico Macalma - guitars and vocals, Jason Bielski - additional guitars, Steve Moore - bass, Don Vescovi - drums, Lisa Tonra - backing vocals.

This is an acoustic guitar instrumental. About as mellow as I usually get.

These Days
This song was written by Krista Enos of Rising Tide. It's a straight ahead rock song, female vocals with lots of harmonies. On this recording I'm playing all the electric guitar parts.
Krista Enos - acoustic guitar and vocals, Kim Baker - acoustic guitar and vocals, Rico Macalma - electric guitars, A.J. Kim - bass, Julia Harrell - drums.

Also visit Myspace for a rotating selection of songs that I've played on, and Soundclick for various songs and miscellaneous equipment demos.

The Geocites transfer limit for free websites is 4MB every hour, so if you are unable to get "These Days", please try again later. "Tonight Is Gonna Be Alright" and "Beachcomber" are on the Garageband server, and "Traci" is on Download.com, and should always be accessible. Thanks for your understanding
- Rico