Last updated: Tuesday 15th February 2005

So here's my little Elliott thing, minus the expenditure...

The plan is to put up some stuff about me and my life, some of my song lyrics (probably the ones that don't make it into songs I finish but I like them anyway), maybe some baby photos (photos of me as a baby, my friends' babies and if it keeps going for long enough, maybe some of my own too!), photos of friends, news, stuff from my travels. You get the picture- it's kinda egocentric, but it's also a good way to keep everyone up on my life.

February 15th
Happy New Year!!
Check out my the Tour of Scandinavia I took in January. Photos to be added when I can edit them down from about 1MB each.
Wondered what I'm doing while I'm here partying and checking out the Swedish women? Well, here's a piece of work I sent back to Hull this week to convince them I've been doing some work... Portfolio 1
It amounts to a quick (2000-word) summary of what I've been upto here with a little bit of navel-gazing.
*Portfolio 2 coming very soon.*
*Come to think of it, Portfolio 3 might join it soon*

Leaving for Sweden,

Latest journal update(21/12/04) and Other journal entries from my travels. and

News page- Easy-read, monthly summaries of my life.

A-Z page- an introduction to people, places and things in my life. A-F are now well underway.
Suggest something! for G-H or if I've missed something.

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I'm sometimes a geek. My gear

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