Here are a few people who make my life more tolerable and my phonebills a little longer. They will also be among the people I miss the most when I retreat/regress/recede to Sweden this coming autumn.

For starters, my mum and dad. Possibly the best photo I've taken of my dad, and a new and improved pic of my mum (although I'm sure I've taken better).

I'm proud to say that this is my brother Simeon and his fiancee Jo, caught in the Antipodes... ouch.

Furthermore, 2 of my best friends in all of Croydon and beyond, Sir Ian Hasell and Duke David Taylor.
I'm not sure if they know how cool they are, but someone ought to tell them sometime.

In no lowly position on the list, Miss Megan Pate and Miss Elizabeth Stanley, captured here at a social engagement in the summer of 2003

An important entry into anyone's phonebook is Mr. Isaac Butcher.
He's in quite a few already, I have no doubt.

Finally, but not unimportantly, a man needs peers to cajole and inspire him in his day-to-day life, often coaxed by the 2nd universal lubricant. Beer.

Leaving for Sweden, Aug 2004 1