Ok, this is a compilation of those questionnaires you get sent by email. Quite a long one (took me quite a while to add all the formatting!) but not exhastive- might add new bits or a whole new questionnaire sometime.
Got any qu's to add to it? Mail me!

FULL Name: Elliott Samuel Whiting
Sex: Male
Nicknames: Ell... I used to have a few more, but they've dried up- anyone want to invent a few more?!
Birthday: 4th February 1982
What's your sign, baby?: Aquarius
What nationalities are you? British
Do you have any brothers or sisters? 1 big brother, Simeon, 25
Birthplace: Carshalton, Surrey, UK
Where did you grow up?: Surrey and Sussex
How many times have you moved house in your lifetime?: 5 with my parents, 5 more without.
Current home: Croydon, Surrey.
Living arrangement: Jet-setting international student!
School/Job?: University of Hull/ Lunds University, Sweden
Do you go to public or private school? I went to a private school.

Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous? Bits of both. I can't write with my left hand very well, though.
What color are your eyes? Blue or green, depending on something I haven't worked out yet.
What color is your hair? Ginger or blond, depending on how much sun I've seen.
How tall are you? 5'4" and a bit!
Contacts/Glasses? Not at the moment.
Piercings? Not at the moment.
Do you get along with your parents?: Yeah, things are going ok at the moment.
Do you make fun of people?: Not a lot.
What do you consider to be one of your worst habits? If it counts as a habit, I don't seem very good at remembering things at the moment.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Not at the moment... but I'm off to Sweden in August! ;)
What's more important, looks or personality? Personality- looks are quite temporary
Best physical trait? In girls? It sounds really pervy and irreverant, but nice boobs!
Biggest Turnoff? Bad breath
Are you a virgin? Yes
Future SONS name?: Dominic, Owen, Joel, Oliver, Seth and/or something old-fashioned like Cuthbert or something.
Future DAUGHTER'S name?: Jennifer, Olivia, Chloe

Wish you were with right now? Mmmegan
Talking to right now? No one.
Mad at right now? No one- I rarely get mad at anyone.
Missing right now? Mmmegan :|
In love with? Mmm... dunno!

Rock/Rap: Rock, but my tastes are getting a little less defined.
Fast/Slow: Slow
Lust/Love: Love
Hugging/Kissing: Hugging
Blue Eyes/Green Eyes: Blue
Blondes/Brunettes: Blondes
Piercings/No Piercings: Piercings
Day/Night: Day is good for your spirit, but I don't see a lot of it!
1 pillow/2?: 1
The ocean/the mountains?: By the ocean
"Charlie Brown"/"Calvin and Hobbes?": Either
New York/Paris: Paris- New York seems really rough

Fallen in love? Yep
Bungee Jumped? No, I got given a voucher to go last year and it expired before I got the chance.
Gone skinny dipping?: No
Done a Ouija board?: No

Single? Yes
Looking? No- I've left it to God to sort that one out for me for the moment.
Happy? Yeah
Stupid? Occasionally!
What's your phone number? Who's asking?!
Boxers or Briefs? Boxers unless I'm doing sport.

Number?: 4, 13, 27
Song: Dancing in the Moonlight- Thin Lizzy/ Smashing Pumpkins
Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Alcoholic drink: Spirits. Vodka or Whisky.
HOT drink: Coffee
Snapple: Old Fashioned Lemonade
TV Show: Later with Jools Holland
Magazine: Q or Guitarist
Book: At the moment, Stupid White Man- Michael Moore
Poet: I really don't read a lot of poetry.
Board game: Twister, if that counts?
Animal: Dolphin or Koala
Colour: Blue
Smell: New things- things I've just bought
Favourite perfume or cologne: CK "One"/"Be" or "Higher Energy" by Dior
Brand of trainers: Adidas/ DCs
BEST feeling in the world: Feeling loved
WORST feeling in the world: Feeling sick
Favourite weather: Cool and sunny
LEAST favourite weather: Strong wind
Favourite season: Spring
Time of day?: 3pm
Town to "chill" in: London or Florence
Subject(s) in school: Languages- I've always been good at them- and music, although I had to work a bit more at it.
LEAST favourite subject: History- I failed my GCSE mock.

Favourite things to do on the weekend: See a gig, go to the pub, shop, or go to the cinema.
What was the last movie u saw in the movie theatre? The Passion of the Christ
WORST movie you have seen: Perfect Storm, Babe or Jeepers Creepers
BEST movie you have seen: Lost in Translation was really nice.
What is your favourite sport: Football or American Football
What is your favourite sport to WATCH?: Not sure. Used to be Formula 1, but it might be football these days.

Foods: Italian, Indian, Chinese
Croutons/Bacon bits?: Depends what they're in, but usually bacon bits
Salad dressing: Mayonnaise
Dessert: Ice cream
Ice cream: Ben and Jerry's or Häagen-Dazs
Bitter/Sweet: Sweet
Do you eat the stems of broccoli?: They're the best bit!!

Do you like to drive?: It's a bit scary, but yeah.
What type of car was your first car: I had lessons in a Ford Fiesta.
Type of car you drive NOW: I don't.
What is your DREAM car?: BMW Z3

The first thought when you wake in the morning? Can I go back to sleep for a bit?
What do you wear in bed? T-shirt and boxers, usually.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? (ooh-er!): Nope
What's under your bed/futon?: Nothing exciting.

What's on your mouse pad?: Don't have one- laptop
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?: some of them!
Pen/Pencil?: Whatever comes to hand
Do you get motion sickness?: Yeah, mostly on boats.
How many rings before you answer the phone?: More than one- don't want to seem snappish!
Have you ever been convicted of a crime: Nope
If you could HAVE ANY JOB you wanted, what would it be?: Guitarist or youth worker
If you could DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR, what would it be?: Maybe purple...
If you could BE ONE GARDENING TOOL, what would it be?: A hose, 'cos I can be fun AND useful.
If you could MEET ONE PERSON, DEAD OR ALIVE, who would it be?: Bono from U2
What is on the walls of your room?: Not a lot- I've taken down most of the posters in London, so there's a pinboard and a (stopped) clock there. I'll probably have a load of pictures on the walls in Sweden. Dunno yet!
Is the glass 1/2 EMPTY or 1/2 FULL?: It's 1/2 empty if there's any residue above the surface of the liquid, otherwise it's 1/2 full.
If a girl asked for THE SHIRT OFF YOUR BACK, would you give it? Yeah, unless it was a cold night and she was well dressed enough to start with! 1