Hi-this here is a list of videos I have. I like to trade with other people who tape and collect music of bands they truly enjoy. I am not competing with commercial releases. I only catching what might not have been. And remember it's a hobby.

I am seeking other people who film shows themselves or have some nice stuff.

From 93-12 96 I used a Fisher 8mm camera have some nice shots, but sometimes I had trouble with the audio distorting. Overall not bad.

From 1-97 to 10-97 I used a Canon ES 3000 HI8 hi-fi. I was not too impressed with the built in mic it had. Some shows sound good some not so good. I bought a Canon MM-200 Stereo mixing mic in August of 97 and have been very happy with it. Although it will distort if it is overpowered or in a bad place. That camera was replaced, and I now use a Sony try 62 HI8 HIFI.I am pretty happy with it

I have found it very difficult to accurately grade videos. sometimes my grading might vary at times. I also might change a grade whenever. Just ask me and I will tell you why I gave a certain grade for a certain tape.

If we agree on a trade I would like you to use (NEW)Maxell Gold or TDK EHG And be sure to tape in slow play. You know all the basics. I will send priority if it is 2 or 3 tapes we are trading, but I will send 4rth class book rate if I am sending only one tape. Unless you must have it sent priority. I an flexible but a poor man.


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