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The Indigo Girls may get little radio play, but that hasn't stopped them from winning a devoted international following with their brilliant harmonies, meshing perfectly the raw passion of Amy Ray and the rich poetry of Emily Saliers. And perhaps the key to the Girls' success and longevity is their refusal to go commercial, their stubborn insistence to put the music first. So whether or not you're already an Indigo Girls fan, feel free to wander these pages, 'cause music is a powerful thing, y'all.

Buy Indigo Girls music online at Indigo Girls Music Online

New! I've started transcribing Watershed scene-by-scene. You can check out my progress by clicking here.

In the News:

  • All That We Let In, the new album (with bonus DVD), is available now

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I know I'm small in a way, but I know I'm strong
--It's Alright

tree's Picks:
Deirdre Flint--Few of even the funniest folk out there could make me fall over laughing with their songs. Deirdre Flint is definitely one of them. With more than a sense of humor, she tackles "issues of human inadequacy" from body shape to popularity to dating in her hilarious songs. She has two albums, The Shuffleboard Queens and Then Again. Try them both.

Want the skinny on the Girls? Check out the basic must-knows. Click here.

Checkout info on all the Girls' released materials, including lyrics, sound clips, and more! Click here

See the Girls' performing live in some wonderful exclusive concert photos. Click here

Now here...the tree plays music critic and writes her own reviews of Indigo Girls stuffs. Click here

Wondering where the Girls are heading next? Keep tabs on them and their latest Tour Dates. Click here

Get some reading done in the Archives reading room. Check out magazine articles and interviews from the last few years. Click here

Have some fun testing out your IG knowledge with these games. Name that Tune and Decipher that Title games currently available. Click here

The Girls may put the music first, but a close second is their undying dedication to the causes they believe in. Find out more about the movements close to their hearts. Click here

And of course, what would a website be without a few good links to more Indigo Girls sites. Click here

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