This is my dog, Pug. He has a new baby brother, but I don't have any pictures up of him up yet. There's also a cat, but I have no pics of her up either.

KSHE-95 - The world's oldest and greatest rock station. Located right here in St. Louis.

Click here to listen to KSHE-95 live over the internet through Real Audio

What can I say - I love the muppets

Picture: ELECTRIC MAYHEM - Definatly one of my favorite bands - you got to love them!!!

This is the place that I go to on the weekends to skydive. There are a lot of great links, info, and pics here to choose from

This is a link to my school - MARYVILLE UNIVERSITY

One of my good buddies - Kevin F.

This is one of my "Dove" friends - Dee. If you want to check out the Five Doves site and read about some awsome prophecy info, just go to my "Christian Ministry and Prophecy" page and click on the blinking cross.

Click here to check out my friend, and Clint's girlfriend (sorry single guys) Shannon's picture and webpage.

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