I don't have that tatoo, but that is me on the right, and my hair is the same as in the "Laurel" section. Check it out - she's my sweety.

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Hi, my name is Josh, but my buds call me Yoshi. Someone already had that identity on Geocities, so I went with my middle name for my identity - kavess_77. I'm a 22 year old Maryville University student majoring in Communications.
I signed up on 07/07/98 20:45:59, and have not done much with this page until now.

I have lots of interests and probably know a little about eveything (but I don't act like I do). I like Skydiving, Christian Rock, Computers, Writing and performing my own music, working with children, and spreading the word of Christ. Bible prophecy is a passion of mine, and I used to have a prophecy newsletter that I sent out daily.

I was asked to describe my page, but I think I'll just let you browse around and check it out for yourself. Always think for yourselves - and remember, doctrine and good works will never save you and it doesn't make you a Christian - only loving and accepting the love of Christ does. You must first know the son if you ever want to get to the father.

Email me at kavess_77@yahoo.com

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By the way, for the cube above, the people seen are Jamye (in bed), Nikki (on bed), My Dog (Pug), Me at the talent show (Oct. 97), Tim Doyle and I at a Card's game, and me down at the loop. Just so you know, the thumbs-up was a joke and had no real meaning to it. Just so you know, again, my hair is the same as it is in the "Laurel" section. Check her out below - she's a babe AND she's all mine.

This is it - click here to see her, and to find out about how God brought us together in His perfect time.

Laurel - My wife and true companion

Click here to read the exciting new short story of how the theif hanging next to Jesus could have felt, and what an Angel may have thought as the crucifiction took place...

Never To Late

Links to other sites on the Web

Go here to check out some great Christian sites - including Charles Capps, The Five Doves, and several others.

My Christian Music Page now has sound bytes encoded in Real Audio. If you don't have Real Audio, then you can get Real Player 5.0 here.

In Here you'll find links to Christian Bands, Christian Rock and Metal online stores, pics, and sounds(coming soon).

This is where I'm keeping all my Misc. stuff that just didn't belong anywhere else.

Yoshi's Main Page/Ministry and Prophecy Page/Misc. Pics and Info About Yoshi/ Music, Sounds Page/Yoshi's October Project Page/Christian Music, Sounds, and Pics/Guest Book/Never To Late/Laurel

Alright, I know this is small (like one page), but it's all I got now so deal with it - hopefully I'll have more soon. Sign Guestbook

1998 kavess_77@yahoo.com
You are the blessed person to come to my page

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