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The Mighty Pranksters

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Mighty Pranksters
330 S Smith Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47401
Next Concert Dates:
thur. nov. 12Thunder Bird TheatreUrbana,Il
fri. nov. 13Kilroy's on WalnutBloomington,In
sun. nov. 13Slippery NoodleIndianapolis, In.
sat. nov. 21Lizard's LoungeBloomington,Il.
fri. dec. 4Fat City SaloonChampaign,Il.
sat. dec. 5LockStock'n'BarrelDecatur, Il.
fri. dec. 11Thunder Bird TheatreUrbana,Il
sat. dec. 12Kilroy's on WalnutBloomington,In
thur. dec. 31New Year's Eve at The Office Urbana, Il.
Who are the

Mighty Pranskters

From their inception at late night jams on Grizís farm to their bring-down-the-rafters performances at nightclubs throughout the Midwest, the Mighty Pranksters are committed to exploring the bounds of musical creativity. Drawing on influences ranging from 60ís psychedelia to southern blues, country, and 70ís funk, the Pranksters capture that elusive spark that ignites when seasoned veterans sustain a long term collaboration. Combining well-crafted original material with obscure covers and a few heart warming favorites, the Pranksters play long, dynamic shows featuring sizzling, southern fried guitars, low-down harp solos, powerful vocals, and mounds of rhythm and emotion. This is an experienced band that has clearly been playing a long time, not a short term "project band" or a bunch of green kids out for a little Saturday night fun. The Mighty Pranksters have been playing high flyiní Jam Music since 1990 and they do it really well. To catch them in action is a musical treat for both the ears and the feet.

Mighty Pranksters are:

Bill "Griz" Stevens: vocals, harp & percussion;

Jeff Kerr: guitar, slide guitar, & vocals;

Brian Wilkie: guitar, steel guitar & vocals;

Andre Mossotti: bass & eyebrows;

Danny Deckard: drums & percussion.

The Mighty Pranksters combine hard driviní boogie music with loads of inspired jamming, the sum of which is one hell of a good time!!

An article from Diversions has said about the band that:

"Unstoppable...Mighty Pranksters...Finally, there's a band that can make people get up and groove! And talk about crescendos of emotion, the Pranksters got'em. They are obviosly appreciators of the Allmsn Brothers and the Grateful Dead, and like those artists, have mounds of soul, baby."

Latest News August 6: The Mighty Pranksters are opening for Little Feat in an upcoming event.† Please email Danny Deckard -- dwdeckar@indiana.edu to get more details.

July 30: The Mighty Pranksters have taken the big leap into the recording room after many years of very exciting performances.† Their first attempt to a digitized recording has resulted in a very appealing and intriguing music that brings in the listener.† Just give it† a try.

The musicians for this CD are:

Bill "Griz" Stevens: vocals, harp, & percussion

Jeff Kerr: vocals, guitar, & slide guitar

Brian Wilkie: guitar, steel guitar, mandolin & vocals (slide on "twenty years")

Andre Mossotti: bass

Danny Deckard: multi-percussion unit

with Jim Cogswell and Ron Stockert: keyboards

The Mighty Pranksters combine hard driviní boogie music with loads of inspired jamming, the sum of which is one hell of a good time!!

CD Sampler

This page provides you with two cuts from their CD:

Pranskter Tune (5:47)† or† She's So Fine (4:58)

CD Look

How does the CD looks like? Click here for images of it. The High Resolution ones might be very slow to download via modems:

Cover (or High Resolution),† Inside (or High Resolution), and Back (or High Resolution).

Contact the band

By e-mail: Danny Deckard at dwdeckar@indiana.edu

By snail-mail: 786 County Road 1000 N, Campaign, IL 61821

NOTE: Please remember that the band is self-sponsored through its local performances (Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio areas), and the sale of this CD is crucial to their future music development. To get a copy of their up-to-date performance schedule or to purchase the CD then contact them by either email or snail-mail (see above).

If buying the CD seems unreasonable to you for some unknown reason, then just let the band know of your feelings toward the two songs provided here.† To do that just email to Danny Deckard at dwdeckar@indiana.edu.† Make sure to refer to this page, and please let him know of your feelings toward the band's music.

We used† technology to make the cuts from the CD, and, for now, they are available only in a 28.8 Stereo format. This could be listened via any modem, but the quality is a bit lower than your regular CD.† In the near future we will provide 56, and T1 recordings that will be near to CD quality.

If you are not RealAudio ready, then download the free player from this address (www.real.com/products/player).† Follow their instructions on how to install the player.