(The Way For The Future Is Not Comming, Sorry For Any Trouble With Your Life This May Cause)

Welcome one an all to my NEW LOOK WebShit!!! You'll find everything that was here before but now its layed out better and hopefully i dont have all the trouble of the fucking pictures going ski-wiff and all that fucking shite!!

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Just a few weird pics of me to get you started with the "Whats this tossrag look like them??" saying

OKAY now after that, ON WITH THE


This page started all the way back in August i998 ish, well i cant remember now its that far back, well i cant even remember last Tuesday or what i had for dinner 3 days ago for that matter , but since then i have been doing stuff that may have me thrown off geocities like nudity and swearing and classroom killings in certain stories that NO ONE READS!!! but am i bitter????? YES I AM!! so read em!!! but now onto the buttons an shit that will guide u all round my lovley webSHITe.

Just one other thing! if you are easily offended

You are a cunt!! Offended? GOOD!!

This is but a few of my many mates online!Unable & Hopeless is more like itmylife.jpg (14323 bytes)