UPDATES AND MORE - 04/01/03 - J-S
In general news show updates will be added this week so check back for that
-Each on sets tour dates throughout canada will be added shortly!
-The Awkward Picture has made it through to round 2 of the Emergenza contest and will be playing april 8th at Club Soda(montreal). They are now sponsored by Idle and Glory clothing ... thanks to Guillaume et alex.
-Avenger will be breaking up they will be playing 3 final shows so check them out while they're still around! dates include Mustard plug(may 7th in Ottawa), Couch Addiction and Distorted penguins(may 21st in montreal)
-Distorted Penguins will start their Canadian tour may 19th and will cross through quebec and ontario for a couple weeks
BAND NEWS - 03/02/03 - J-S
Each on set will be on a canadian tour  from mid march to mid-april The awkward picture will play only a few shows because they are in compo process... Avenger is currently in the recording process they have 2 demo songs(unmixed unmastered) from there upcoming release on mp3.com

in other news I updated the show page and added the awkward pictures mp3 site.
Check it out!

LAYOUT UPDATE - 12/24/02 - J-S
Hey I updated the layout so it would be compatible with most settings. It took me forever to fix it but I think I did! anyways we at stars might fall would like to wish everybody a merry christmas and happy new year!

LAYOUT UPDATE - 12/09/02 - J-S
Hey brand new layout! There might still be a few glitches but all in all it should be fine if there are any problems feel free to email us about it!Please take in considerations that your settings should be at 800x600 pixels until I try to fix this problem in perticular!

SHOW UPDATE - 11/27/02 - J-S
Added tons of more shows

BIO UPDATE - 11/12/02 - J-S
Added the band bios. Check it out good stuff!

SHOW UPDATE - 11/12/02 - J-S
Added some more shows. Changed the site around a bit some stuff is still under construction.

LAYOUT UPDATE - 10/28/02 - J-S
Site still under construction. Added stuff to layout.Updated bands.

PAGE UPDATE - 10/23/02 - J-S
Site still under construction. Added media. Added some more links.A list of bands

PAGE UPDATE - 10/23/02 - J-S
Site still under construction. New layout. Added some links.Show page updated.Sorry Chris I'm working on the site.Not trying to rip you off.

SHOW UPDATE - 10/18/02 - J-S
Site still under construction but we have our show page updated aswell as the contact page so check it out!!We'll have a full band list soon(we are still looking for bands to sign so email us and if we like you well send you a contract!)

WELCOME! - 10/14/02 - J-S