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"From time to time you meet a special soul..."
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Kant's Concept of a Concept 2000
Analysis of Hume's Critique of Causation 2001
Shelves of Selves: Identity Under Consumerism
Breaches and Breeches: Sex, Masculine Pride, and War in Henry V 2002
The Incompatibility of Determinism and Consciousness
Sad Antonio, the Tainted Wether of the Flock
: A MIltonic Rebuttal to Romantic Satanism 2003
The Winter's Tale
: Art For Art's Sake 2003
The Evolution of Moral Sentiment and the Development of Moral Theory 2005

MA Thesis: Emotional Responsibility: The Ethical Implications of Emotional Control 2005
Left of Wilde
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Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society
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