This site was last updated on: Feburary 5, 1999

*The premire of The Hardest Thing was on yesterday!! I hope you all saw it , it's a great video! Make sure you go request it on Total Request at!
*I've added lots of new stuffs lately.....i've been take a good look around!!
*Don't miss the guys on MTV's Snowed In, this Saturday and Sunday (don't worry, they'll show it over a million times!!) So don't miss it!!!

Hey!! Before you enter my site, could you take 2 seconds to vote for me in the site fight??? PLEASE??? PRETTY PLEASE???? I'd love to win....i'll give you a cookie if you do!! Just click on the pic below and vote for my site, Let's Heat It Up Again 98 Degrees!! The vote is devided into 2 groups, i'm in group #2!!!! Thanks SOOOOOOO much!!!
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