Eh, no, you didn't wander onto the wrong page by mistake. I've finally gotten around to changing this index thingy. See, I've been mightily tied up with work, and it's gotten particularly hectic of late, what with two major deadlines for tomorrow morning alone and two other editors standing by ready to chomp me noggin off, so naturally I had to do the logical thing and..... er, write this update. (Look, I needed the break, hokay?!)

Unfortunately, this doesn't necessarily mean I have anything new here for the time being. But of course, if you're really desperate for any reading - or laughing, depending on your perspective - matter, you can always check out my playlist, pretty much the only thing in this page that is updated with any modicum of regularity.

Oh, and if you're a right glutton for punishment, you can also have a look at my list of favorite '90s albums. That is to say, albums that were first released in this decade; otherwise it might as well be a non-chronological discography of the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson/whoever else they've been associated with back in the '60s, and really, there are plenty other sites for that already. It's very much a work in progress - I'm still discovering new people and going after later releases by longtime favorites, and indeed have come across a few major additions to the list within the past year alone. Besides, there's always that thing of "rediscovering" old purchases that've been languishing on the shelf for the past 6 years or so (hello, Phaseshifter). Or leafing through a CD booklet and going "Oooooooooo, he's gorgeous!" (hello Cardinal, Blur, Duff McKagan, Eddie and Stone out of Pearl Jam, Will and Roddy out of Imperial Teen, Darren and Robert out of Ben Folds Five, him out of The Heights, New Kids on the..... errrm, well, you get the idea, but at the end of the day it's all about the music, I assure you.) (At the beginning of the day, you really don't wanna know.)

Many thanks for reading, as always. I promise there will be a clearer idea of what this page is supposed to be about with the next update. Mind you, if the prevailing trend is any indication, it would take an ultra-humongous, mega-stressful, all-consuming workload to get that out of me, but one could live in hope.

(Hello, editors of the world.)

Clark Hilldale