:April 6, 1999

Hi, our names are Shannon and Ashlee and we are JUST getting started with this page... so please don't expect much. We'll be adding more things as soon as we get the ideas, and have the time to update.

Warning: This site is made purely as a Joke. We are truly fans of Nsync, quite frequently obsessed. We just have a twisted sence of humor. Just think, if we did not like them, would we spent hours of our time making a website about them? NO!!! If you do not have a sense of humor, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE PAGE!!!

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The Many Tounges of Justin Timberlake

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Maybe they do have SOME benefits...

Chris Is God

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Get Your Own "Justin's Ebonics-Translator" !!!

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: April 6, 1999
Offending fans of the 'popular ones' since January 5, 1999

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