So you wanted to know how *NSYNC'S CRUNKED CRUNKETTES started huh?  Well, you are in for one story...Once upon a time...

It all started on the night of December 22, 1998 when one member,
Jaenne' (aka Crunk), decided to hop into a chat room on Yahoo! to see if her chat bud Jamie (aka PooFoo) was on. 
Now, before
*NSYNC'S CRUNKED CRUNKETTES started, Jaenne' and Jamie already had a friendship that started in kind of a funny way...Jaenne' was in some chat room a while ago and started to "sing" an *NSYNC song (of course) and then all of a sudden this person with the screenname L_A_N_C_I_E_P_O_O_F_O_O (Jamie) started to "sing" with her...Although they had different favorite *NSYNCers, a friendship like nonother blossomed that one eventful night.  Ever since then Jaenne' and Jamie were always chatting or "singing" songs for people in chat rooms...Yeah, even one night, supposedly Justin Timberlake was in the same room as Jaenne' and Jamie and was "singing" "Tearin' up my heart" with them...who knows....
met Yelena (aka Blondie) next. Jaenne' met Yelena during a karaoke session (hum...I wonder if Jaenne' likes karaoke?) and she was probably waiting for JamieSylvia (aka Nync_Lady) met Jaenne' in a chatroom one day (does anyone think Jaenne' has a life?).
The other two members of
*NSYNC'S CRUNKED CRUNKETTES that Jaenne', Jamie, Sylvia and Yelena didn't know who Kathy (aka NSync_with_JustinT) and Justin (aka Scobby_Do1). Kathy and Justin just happened to be in the chatroom that Jaenne', Sylvia, and Yelena were in while they were karaoking to their favorite *NSYNC song.  Someone suggested that Jaenne', Sylvia and Yelena make a group...something like an on-line music group.  Then I believe it was Yelena said, "Yeah, lets do it!"  Once Kathy and Justin saw what the three girls were gonna do, they jumped in on the action and asked if they too could be in the group.  Not being able to refuse, Kathy and Justin were admitted into the auditions needed...
Yelena started up a private chat room so all of the members could get to know each other, the girls found out that Justin was a guy!  They actually wanted an all girl group with five members, so they decided to make Justin the bodyguard...since they thought they may need assistance during a "concert".  Well, know that they were one person short, Jaenne' went to check out her list of friends on her Yahoo! pager.  CLICK!  A light bulb turned on in Jaenne's about Jamie?  She is an *NSYNC freak just like everyone else in the group.  So Jaenne' said that she knew someone else who would be in the group if the group would hold on in picking the fifth and final member.  Once Jamie was on-line, Jaenne' invited her into their private room and popped the question.  Of course, Jamie accepted and just like her favorite *NSYNCer, Lance Bass, she was the 5th and final member of *NSYNC'S CRUNKED CRUNKETTES.
Lets fast forward about a month...The
Crunkettes website was (and still is) a major sucess!  There were are a few Crunkettes that worked on the site more than others, but it was okay because everyone has got such busy lives. Justin, we are sorry to report, was relieved of his position.
Lets fast forward a couple more months...lets say up to February.
Jaenne' and Yelena met another *NSYNC fanatic, Fannya (aka JCSANGEL4EVA). Fannya became a quick friend of Jaenne's and Yelena's.  So about the end of March, Jaenne' and Yelena thought it would be a great idea if Fannya joined the group.  With consent from the other members, Fannya joined the group in the begining of April.

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