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Hello.  Thanx for stopping in!  If you're looking for the goods on Beck,   this is where it's at.  I'm in the process of changing the scenery so don't get too upset if a link doesn't work today, because it might tomorrow.  I've tried to gather all the Beck things I could find on the web so I could pile them all here for the sake of old fans as well as new ones.   If you have anything that you think I should include, let me know.  I would definately appreciate it, and will give you credit for your work and ideas..

So now it's time to go where you want to and do the things you feel.  If you want to get the scoop on Beck's personal backround, you can check out the
biography.  If you're a star freak, you can always get the lowdown on Beck by checking out his horoscope.  And of course we have the ordinary  lyrics. (Midnite Vultures is finally here!)  There's some really fabulous eye candy in here also.  And to keep you surfing away for hours, I've included tons of links for your enjoyment. 
Coming soon: news!

I gotta go right now... someone is videotaping me in my spaceship

*the latest NEWS*
The Nicotine&Gravy single is now out in stores...and it rocks...so if you don't have it yet...

And for those of you who need this,, THE LYRICS FOR Midnite Vultures are  HERE!

This used to be a news column, but I just don't have time for all that right now.  My apologies to all, you can find your news somewhere else for the time being.   
That's all for now, have an ordinary day *_*


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