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(for what it's worth!!)

At this point, The Jitters, once a prominent force in the Rockabilly/Roots rock & roll genre in Dayton, Ohio, has one foot and half the other in the grave! There's only two of us left! First, our keyboardist, Jeff, bade us farewell 'cause we weren't making the progress he had expected (i.e. we weren't playing every night making $1000.oo a week per member!), the next day Cook Jones, our bass player, quit due to family obligations, he wanted to go back to playing lead guitar in other types of music, and just 'cuz Jeff quit, I think! That was back in February or March. And now, Steve, our lead player decided to throw in his towel to play in a relative's band (which isn't any busier than we were!) So, that leaves Kevin, our rhythm guitarist, and me, the drummer, holding the musical bag! We have a gig lined up at Washington Park on the 12th of this month, for which we have a commitment from our previous bassist, and Steve may agree to show up, but after that, I guess that will be the end of The Jitters. We (that is, Kevin & I) are willing to audition any musicians interested in joining up (Hell, we'll hire ya without an audition!!) and resussitating the band, otherwise, that's all she wrote for this little combo.
Anyway, we'll keep this site up for a while just for your viewing pleasure. If you really want to learn about what The Jitters were, click on and enjoy the pages. Check back every now and then to see what progress, if any, we make in the near future. This page will be updated with any new information.
It was fun while it lasted! --Skyp, 6-4-99