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10.10.04 Sorry everyone as of today Original Sin is Gone, this is no longer a Nine Inch Nails site, though I do still love them. This space will now be about me. . . once I get some time to work on it . Heh

4.21.01 It has begun. I've officaly started to redo the site. So far I have the main page and the poetry section done. I have yet to post the Main page yet but if you go into the Poetry section it is accessable through the new template, just click on ME section. More great things to come

3.20.01 Well I looked at the page today and read some of the responses and though that maybe I should go through and edit the broken link and things, I lost interest in the page but i figured it would be nice if it actually worked for people so I will go through an dedit some things so it works alittle nicer, who knows maybe if I really get into it then I might start working on it again. Oh and by the way the reason most of the stuff doesn't work is because of geocities, if I had my own server everything would work just fine.

9.27.00 Guess what, I'm back, and you kno wthat update I alked about along time ago? well its finally happening, Inow have the mainpage done for Words of Sin, the new poetry page. I have been trying to come up with an ORIGINAL layout for this site but it seems like everything has been done already. Anyways... as soon as I come up with something good i will be all into reconstructiong this site.. so farewell till then.

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