Zines & Book Reviews - 8th  EDITION (NEW!!)


8blackhole.jpg (24347 bytes)espada.gif (15639 bytes)BLACK HOLE MAGAZINE - Nš 9 ( 2001 - Brazil). This is one of the best extreme metal magazines from underground metal scene, with collored cover and good black and withe printed in quality paper, 56 pages of news interviews & reviews with one of the more legendary names of under extreme metal scene: INCANTATION, GORGOROTH, MALEVOLENT CREATION, DISINTER, etc, and a incredible interview with MARK the band leader of famous gore grind act IMPETIGO (RIP). The picture cover is dedicated to FLESH GRINDER the best splatter band from south america!!! The questions for the interviews are interesting and the mag has a surprise: a campilation CD with extreme metal bands from all world (read the review in CD reviews page!). Contacts: mail@blackholemag.com / http://blackholemag.com (EF)



8vampiria.jpg (14878 bytes)espada.gif (15639 bytes)VAMPIRIA MAGAZINE - Nš 5 (2001 - Italy). FABULOUS!!!This is the word that jump in our mind when we are reading this incredible magazine coming from Italy!  The lay-out is very professional, the graphic design is very inspired and de content is great. VAMPIRIA is dedicated to avantgarde, gothic, atmospheric, doom & black metal and the questions of the interviews is very deep and interesting, it explore the musical aspect, but anothers aspects too: ideological, spiritual, cultural, personal, etc. One of the great names interviewed in this number: ZYKLON, LAHKA MUZA, THEATRES DES VAMPIRES, VARATHRON, ARISE FROM THORNS, EM SIMFONIA. The magazine has another special articles with Aleister Crowley and a great interview with the artist Santerineross (the mind behind the beautiful picture of the cover), more than 100 CD reviews and a marvelous double CD compilation with more than 150 minutes of music (read the review in CD reviews page!). We are very, very ansious for the next number of VAMPIRIA!!! Contacts: Vampiria@inwind.it (EF)



8sant.jpg (5977 bytes)espada.gif (15639 bytes)FRUIT OF THE SECRET GOD - The Dark Erotic Images of John8sant2.jpg (5817 bytes) Santerineross (Attis Publishing - USA). Santerineross is a underground artist born in Bronx, New York, and graduated in New Jersey City University, this book is a explendorous proof of his talent and geniality in create intense pictures, his work is based in self produced ambientations to the pictures influenced by surrealist & simbolic visions, Clive Barker's universe & S&M touches, a great artwork  very interesting, deep and simbolic, sometimes visceral, sometimes sensual/ luxurious and another times it is a mix of sanctified and unholly, pain and pleasure, innocence and fury. FABULOUS WORK!!We loved all pictures but someone touch us more: PRISIONER OF OUR CHILDHOOD and THE SUBJUGATION of GAIA. Curious poem written by Victoria Rimerman are printed with the images creating a beautiful game of pictures and words. Contacts: attismail@aol.com / www.attis.nu  (EF)