IBON ERRAZKIN is the leader of LE MANS (ex- AVENTURAS DE KIRLIAN), an exquisite spanish band that began being influenced by bands like ORANGE JUICE, WEEKEND and FELT and have ended playing quiet pop that combines bossanova tracks with Nick Drake type songs.
Ibon is the most charimastic character of the spanish pop (Donīt tell indie pop!, please) and has collaborated with several spanish bands like INSTRUMENTAL (with Dj Pez), ANA D and CARLOS BERLANGA (ex Alaska y Los Pegamoides and ex Dinarama). He was a DAILY PLANET -the instrumental Siesta band- member too and today he keeps a parallel project to LE MANS called SOUTH AMERICAN GETAWAY (check the "songs for the jet set", the If... records compilation). Like you will understand, Souvenir wanted to have a personal affair with him...


Interviewed by Juan de Ribera Berenguer

where are you and what are the vibes like?       Home, 1 a.m. Just finished rehearsing songs from the new album with Teresa
what do you do midweek (entresemana)?       Work, sleep, buy records, write songs, the usual
fave nick drake songs       All of them! But "Poor boy" is probably my favourite one
best le mans gig anecdote       Gig anecdotes usually mean bad memories for me
gastronomic delights       Paella and most rice-related dishes
fave records sleeves ever       "Oh yeah" by Charles Mingus, and Javier Aramburuīs artwork for Daily Planet
fave bossanova songs       "If you want to be a lover" by Luiz Henrique, "Canto de Ossanha" by Baden Powell.
will we see a le mans sleeve without a javier aramburu design anyday?       There is one, actually: the American "Un rayo de sol" 7" was designed by Teresa and Xabi (Loreak Mendian)
how many songs have you plagiarize?       I call it "inspiration"...
you wrote the décima víctima sleevenotes compilation, what other
records would you like to write?
      Once is enough. Itīs not an easy job
what did it happen with daily planet?       I suggested splitting up during the recording of "Calypso" and they all agreed, but as I had already written most of "Romance" we decided to stay together for one more year. I think it was the right move, and weīre still good friends
fave magazines       I read "The Wire" every now and then. I considered subscribing, but itīs a bit too heavy to have every month in the post

describe the le mans members       As a whole, the most unlikely bunch of people to be in a band
why do you always play being sitting?       Thatīs the way we rehearse. If we stood up we would play even worse than we do
what would you do to get to number one?       Apparently you have to pay a lot of money, you should ask Elefant
what is your "autobiography novel"?
      You know those blues songs that start with "woke up this morning..."? Itīs a bit like that, but totally over the top. i love the title
best and worst elefant bands       Best: Patrullero Mancuso, Telefilme
Worst: all the foreigners but Spring (easy way out, I know)
most expensive item youīve bought
      Probably the computer Iīm typing these answers on
what makes you stressed?
      City life, Iīm afraid, which is a shame since I only like living in cities
how "indie" are you?       I belong to the C-86 generation. To me, most indie music since the last My Bloody Valentine album has been redundant
fave erik satie composition
      Gnossiennes 1 and 5, and that cheerful one called "Je te veux"
most hated band names       Radiohead is a terrible name, but you donīt think about it after hearing it twice. That happens all the time, and you end up forgetting how bad some names are
first and last gig attended
      First: Ted Nugent (great gig).
Last: Magnetic Fields (quite boring)
best records to dance to

      I could fill several pages with this. These days I play reggae records at home and dance to them very slowly
what makes you smile?.       Lots of things, I really smile a lot.
favourite tv show       I donīt watch TV
san sebastian, london or madrid?
      Madridīs got the best weather and San Sebastian is a very nice place. Right now I canīt think of anything good to say about London
tell me your fave places of these cities
      Madrid: la Latina, my neighbourhood.
San Sebastian: the beaches.
London: the channels
fave serge gainsbourg songs
      I change my mind every week or so, but now it has to be "Le canari sur le balcon", which he wrote for Jane Birkin
Are you a sentimental?       No
the most talented people in the world fan       Iīm a big fan of Bill Griffith, who draws the "Zippy the Pinhead" cartoons. Maybe heīs not the most talented person in the world, but I canīt think of anybody else
when do you feel saudade?
      I used to get that feeling in London quite often. I would play Mikel Laboa records and get real homesick.
who cuts your hair?
      When Iīm in San Sebastian, Jone. When Iīm in Madrid, an Arab guy from La Latina
fave le mans sleeve       "Mi novela autobiográfica" 7"
allergies and manias
      I can get very obsessed about tidiness and cleanliness. I donīt suffer from any allergy
what would you fax to vainica doble?       Nevermind "Carbono 14" - we still love you
worst bands in the world       There are too many. Next question
key films/books in your youth
      "Book of disquiet" by Fernando Pessoa was, and still is, a key book for me. My favourite film is "Los olvidados" by Luis Buņuel
what the world needs now is...       ....common sense. I see madness spreading around me everyday
what do you remember of the Aventuras de Kirlian days?

      It was a very creative period. We were part of a small scene with bands like la Insidia (who later became Family) or 23 Ojos De Pez (who would become Parafünk). It was a very isolated thing, we never sent demos to record labels because at the time it was out of the question for a band like us to get a record deal. Our friendsīopinions were the only thing that mattered, so the whole thing was very artistic and uncompromising. Going to Madrid and recording for DRO was the bitterest part of the story
how many record box sets have you bought?       Three, I think
fave dance labels       Tamla Motown, Ze, Def Jam, Tommy Boy
least fave le mans track       It used to be "H.E.L.L.O.", but I havenīt played it for years so I donīt know
how much money do you have in the bank?       Never have much, I spend like thereīs no tomorrow
whatīs the best song of the XX Century?       "Gure oroitzapenak" by Mikel Laboa
current favourite records       The new Gangstarr album and "Once I loved" by The Tony Williamsī Lifetime
fave shops       Bakeries
say something controversial       Iīm sorry, itīs not my thing
fave sixties jazz records       "Out there" by Eric Dolphy, "Eastern sounds" by Yusef Lateef
what is the best age to be?       They say itīs 40, but at 29 I feel alright
where do you see yourself in ten years?       God knows. I just hope itīs a sunny place

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