Poslechněte si hudební ukázky nejnovějších hitů!!!!! DJ TOKO

28.1. 2002
- Seznam nových singlů pro 4.týden
RMB - Redemption´2002 (nové verze hitu pro rok 02), BOMFUNK MC´s - Live Your Life, LINK feat.JOHNNY B - Feelin´ Alright (více informací v RECENZÍCH), 7 ELEVEN - Let Go (více informací RECENZÍCH), DATURA - Will Be One, N-TRANCE feat.KELLY LORENA - Forever´02 (incl. VOODOO & SERANO REMIX), AWEX - Adrenalin, SVEN VäTH - Mind Games, FERRY CORSTEN - Punk, JAM X & DE LEON - Can U Dig It?, MONTINI EXPERIENCE - My House Is Your House´2002, CLUBSPEAKERS - Have You Ever Been Mellow (sampl-PARTY ANIMALS,remixoval PULSEDRIVER), DJ HERBIE - King Of Rock, O.C. PROJECT - Close Your Eyes´2002 (cover-MEGA´LO MANIA), KLUBBHOOPERS - Buddy Joe (Don´t You Know), DREAM KEEPERS feat.DINEKA - Ocean Of Love, 2PM - Sonata, MANGO MANIAX - Jump All Around, RE-FLEX - Bass Drop Da Bass, ALEX K - Another Chance (sampl-ROGER SANCHEZ), JENNIFER LOPEZ feat.JA RULE - Ain´t It Funny´02 (REMIX), CZR & ITO - Soiree, STRETCH & VERN - Hey, THE MOON - In Your Mind, MARCO V - Good/Simulated, D-DEVILS - Final Countdown, COLDPLAY - Don´t Panic (TRANCE REMIX), PHILLIP RAMIREZ - Happy People (SOUL PROVIDERS REMIX), CANDY - Fly Me To The Moon, SHAVED - How Do You Like Pussy, DJ SCOTTY - Get Wicked/Freak You EP, DJ VIRUS - All Your Bass,TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Red Nights Eplowdown, DJ MIKO - Forever Young (cover ALPHAVILLE incl TRANCE MIX/DANCEFLOOR MIX), K.K. PROJECT - Power, H-BLOCKX feat.TURBO B - Power (cover SNAP!), RED - Heaven & Earth, GROOVE ELECTRONIC - La Ventolline´2002, MONEY CHOCOLATE feat.SARAH WEBB - Keep The Love, SONOROUS - Second Sun, ROGER GOODE feat.TASHA BAXTER - In The Beginning (budoucí hit ala IIO´s "Rapture"), ENRIQUE IGLESIAS - Escape (REMIXES), THE WITCH - Please Don´t Touch Me,PINK COFFEE - Another Brick In The Wall, JUNK PROJECT (J.P.) - Yellow Series, DEPECHE MODE - Goodnight Lovers (REMIX), STACCATO - Always Hardcore (Yeeeaah...), MONTELL JORDAN - You Must Have Been, INFINITY feat.JUAN ATKINS - Never Tempt Me, BRO´SIS - Do You (druhý singl POP*STARS), RICK ASTLEY - Keep It Turned On, E NOMINE - Tier In Mir (Wolfen)
- nové singly ve stylu ITALO/EURO DANCE:
ICE TRIBE vs.D´AMORES feat.AURY - I Want To Be Free, HADDY - I Live A Mystery, SUNVIVA - Feelings, DEEPER - We Gotta Do It, SHIVA DETROIT - This Night, TONY H - Delicious (REMIX), PLANET ONE - Tell Me, ENOLA - Call My Love, KOTO - Visitors´2002, SHABA -Do U Know´2002, SWEET MARY - Take My Love, ROSS - Phantom Of My Life, DONA DI PALMA - I Run To You, PIANOLA - Don´t Miss The Bliss, SINDY - Come To Me, SMALLTEENS - I Believe In Love Again, AREA - Facta Non Verba, BABYLON PROJECT - Web Sex
21.1. 2002
- Seznam nových singlů pro 4.týden
THE SOUNDLOVERS - People´2002, GALLEON - I Believe (druhý singl francouzské formace), WOODY van EYDEN - Together, DJ´S @ WORK - Time 2 Wonder, MYTHOS ´N DJ COSMO - I Can´t Stop Raving (předělávka hitu od DUNE s originálním vokálem), TRANCE ALLSTARS - Lost In Love (třetí singl v pořádí v remixech od ATB/SUNBEAM/TAUCHER nebo TALLA 2XLC), BARCODE BROTHERS - SMS, LEXY & K-PAUL - Let´s Play, VOODOO & SERANO - When I Rock, LEE ANN RIMES - But I Do Love You (IAN VAN DAHL REMIX), CHEERO-KEY - I´m A Raver Baby (sampl z BECKa "I´m A Raver Baby,So Why Don´t You Kill Me" v remixech od TOPMODELZ a AVANCADY), DJ SAKIN & FRIENDS - Little Paradise, RANK 1 - The Awakening, LOST WITNESS - Did A Dream?, CONDOR - On My Own, HORNY UNITED pres.LOVESICK feat.MOSSEE - Let´s Stay Together (REMIXES) (sampl SPACED), ANDREA T.MENDOZA - Lifestyle, FRESH - Crazy, KOOKY - Imagination, BEST BEFORE - The Rhythm Of My Dj, ANDY - Set You Free, ANNA - Give Me Magic (italo), FREDERIK - La Follia (REMIX), ZENITH vs.AVEX - The Music Is Now, STARLIGHT - To The Beat, Q-ZAR - Music Planet, OUTMEAN RICK feat.LA CHILENA - Melodia, FURDOG - 69, DEEPERS - Lighting Darkness, GRIM REAPER - Wild & Loose (The Roof Is On Fire) (vokál od rapera ze SPACE FROG), FUNKY DIVAS - Nessaja (další Happy Hardcoreová záležitost.Předělávka hitu z roku 1995 od ONCE AGAIN v remixu od TOPMODELZ), DISCOVERY - Missing (ROCCO REMIX),KONOVOX - Right & Round, BBE vs.EMMANUEL TOP - Orion, K.K. PROJECT - Everything Counts´02 (sampl z DEPECHE MODE), DOMINATOR - The Lord Of The Rings (sampl Pán prstenů), RON CARROL presents SHAWN CHRISTOPHER - Can´t Give Up, KAI TRACID - Voyager (SUPER PROMO), DAJAE & FULL INTENTION - What Do You Want?, DROID - Ce Ce Rhythm, TILLMAN UHRMACHER - On The Run (PPK REMIX), JAMIROQUAI - Love Foolosophy (BINI & MARTINI REMIX/KNEE DEEP REMIX), COAST 2 COAST feat.AMANDA JAMISON - Be With Me,S CLUB 7 - You (REMIXES), RED ALIEN feat.AFRIKA ISLAM - Red Alien, BRANDY - What About Us (REMIX), FILUR feat.MISS ELLIE-NETISSON - Filur E.P., RESET - Wings Of Love, MODJO band - No More Tears, MC JUMP - I Wanna Be A Star, BEVERLY KNIGHT - Shoulda Woulda Coulda, MS.MUKUPA - Stop Stop, STEREO MC´S - Running, AIR - How Does It Make You Feel, LYTE FUNKY ONES feat.M.O.P. - Life Is Good, DANGEROUS HARDCORE - Alone´2002, MARKOS - Temptation (další holandský útok ala BARTHEZZ), U-GO BOSS - One Way, PUMP 69 - Smooth Criminal (cover MJ), MISS JMA - All Bitches´02 (cover sampl "all bitches"), TOM NOVY vs.SNAP! - Eternity´02 (PROMO), THE JOKER feat.JULIE McKENNA - Release Me, SILVERBACK - Monkeylover (BOMBAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!), TGP feat.CANDY - Fly Me To The Moon, SYMPHONIC - Bolero, I-F - The Man From P.A.C.K., ANALOG SYSTEM - Strange Morning In December (KAYLAB REMIX),4 STRINGS - In To The Night (Take Me Away) (budoucí hit!!!!!!!), FORCE MAJEURE - Redemption (THE THRILLSEEKERS REMIX), AKYRA feat.MARIA RUBIA - Here Comes The Rain, WAVETRAXX - Freedom, SONO - Blame, MUTE - Missa Beat, DRAGON - Pandora (FRIDGE REMIX), DJ GENETIC - Scream, ANGEL ONE - Invincible (TRANCE HIT!), DJ SHOG - This Is My Sound
14.1. 2002
- F*R*E*S*H:
AQUAGEN - Hard To Say I´m Sorry, BLANK & JONES - Desire, TWISTERS SILENCE - Listen To Me Mama!, DUAL BAND - Safe Sex (REMIXES), PURETONE - Addicted To Bass, DJ OETZI and CAPTAIN JACK - Don´t Haha, DAS MODUL vs.E-LOVE - Computerliebe´2002, B3 - Nightfever, WHITNEY HOUSTON - Until You Come Back, R.KELLY - The World´s Greatest, DJ MAD MAX - Isn´t It Funky, SYMPHONY OF STRINGS - Don´t Want Your Love, TEASER - When Love Breaks Down, NOEMI - In My Dreams, MADONNA vs.HARDCORE HORROR - Like A Prayer´2002, GIGI D´AGOSTINO - Chartsengrafs
3.1. 2002
- Žhavé novinky:
DANCE NATION - Rise And Shine, FATBOY SLIM - Star 69 (GIGI D´AGOSTINO REMIX), CLAUDIO LANCINI - Pirata, UNDERFISH - Universe Of Love, OLIVIA - You Got The Damn Thing, KIM CARNES - Bette Davies Eyes´2002, AFROMAN - Crazy Rap, CHER - A Different Kind Of Love Song, ORBITAL - Illuminate, DJ PIED PIPER & THE MASTERS OF CEREMONIES - We´r´Here, DIANA ROSS - Goin´ Back, 5IVE - Rock The Party, SUPER SOAKER - Moi...Lolita (Melody)(REMIXES), ADULT - Hand To Phone, STARSPLASH - Free As A Bird, GIRLS ON TOP - I Wanna Dance, NALIN inc. - Scream, TEAR´S - M.U.S.I.C., ORION feat.CRITLIN - You And Me, DJ MOZART - Symhonic Disco, MARY J BLIGE - Family Affair (SPANISH FLY REMIX), PLAY - Us Against The World, OUTKAST feat.KILLER MIKE - The Whole World