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28.3. 2002
Tento týden vyšel v Kanadě nový singl od italské formace EIFFEL 65 - "Losing You".Ten můžete nalézt na albu "Second".Příští měsíc vydáva dj,producent a samozřejmě člen skupiny GABRY PONTE svoje debutové album "Time To Rock",na kterém budou hity "Got 2 Get (Don Don)","Memories" nebo novinkový singl "Time To Rock".

Tracklisting: (EIFFEL 65 - Losing You)

25.3. 2002
4.dubna vydává BMG Germany limitované album LA BOUCHE feat.MELANIE THORNTON.Album obsahuje všechny hity právě od LA BOUCHE,sólové věci od MELANIE THORNTON a videoklip k hitu "Sweet Dreams"+ 2 dosud nevydané věci od LA BOUCHE.

Protože Melanie není již mezi námi,LA BOUCHE jako takové neexistuje.Lane McCray (raper a zpěvák) pracuje na svém sólovém albu "Naked Songs In The Key Of Love", které výjde v létě.


01. Sweet Dreams
02. Be My Lover
03. In Your Life (Nevydaná věc)
04. Love How You Love Me
05. Makin' Oooh Oooh
06. Take Me 2 Heaven 2 Night (Nevydaná věc)
07. Fallin' In Love
08. Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming)
09. Bolingo (Love Is In The Air)
10. Unexpected Lovers
11. A Moment Of Love
12. Heartbeat
13. Shoo Bee Do Bee Do
14. Where Do You Go
15. Do You Still Need Me
16. Forget Me Nots
17. Sos
18. Whenever You Want
19. (Ready To Fly) No Tears
20 You Won't Forget Me
Multimediatrack - Video "Sweet Dreams"
25.3. 2002
- Nejnovější hity:
EIFFEL 65 - Losing You, PET SHOP BOYS - Home And Dry (BLANK & JONES REMIX), LA BOUCHE - Take Me 2 Heaven 2 Night (nevydaná raritní euro věcička z nového alba!!), E-TYPE - Africa, SAFRI DUO feat.MICHAEL McDONALD - Sweet Freedom, SCOOTER (3 A.M.) - Nessaja (cover ONCE AGAIN), ESCANOR - Open Your Eyes, JB SOUND - Don´t Stop, DJ ENCORE feat.ENGELINA - You´re Got Away, MOBY - We Are All Made Of Stars (incl. DJ TIÉSTO REMIX/BOB SINCLAR REMIX/TIMO MAAS REMIX), MOONY - Dover (zpěvačka z projektu D.B. BOULEVARD!!!!/(incl. FULL INTENTION REMIX/ROBBIE RIVERA REMIX), 3 FORCE - It´s Real, IN-GRID - Tu Es Foutu, SANDRA - Such A Shame, ALI G & SHAGGY - Me Julie (ze Soundtracku ALI G IN DA HOUSE/předpoklady pro letní hit 2002!!!!!), ULTRARAVERS - Electrica Salsa, SANTOS - Helsinki E.P., NICOLE BRAND - Forever With Me (ITALO DANCE !!!),TOTALLY SPIES - Totally Spies, DJ ENERGY - Excelsis, R.O.O.S. - Instant Moments´2002, ALEX GOLD vs.AGNELLI & NELSON - Everyday´2002, TECHNOTRONIC - The Circle Unbroken, ASTROBOYS - Walk The Night, KENNY BLAKE - I´ve Been Watching You, UNIT 5 - I Love You (incl.DJ´S @ WORK REMIX/BOSSI REMIX), D.O.N.S. - Sharp As A Knife (incl. WARP BROTHERS REMIX),LUKEE - Gorilla Girl (ITALO DANCE), VERNON´S WORLD - Wonderer´2002 (zpěvák z projektu DANCE 2 TRANCE "Warrior" a KAI TRACIDa/ATB REMIX/KOSMONOVA REMIX), PINOCCHIO - Somebody Scream, X-RAY - Discothek Amor, MOUSSE T - Fire, DA´J - I Wonder Why/Check This Out, LALU - Paradise, TÉLÉPOPMUZIK - Genetic World,UNIVERSAL VOICE - If You Believe (PREZIOSO REMIX), DJ GIUS - Metal, SUGAR M - Ready 4 Your Kiss, FORTISSIMO - We Wanna Dance Stop The Fight, SALSOTTO feat.DJ STELLA - Always On My Mind, DJ STARDUST - Stoppin´ Jack Flash, STARLING - Red Balloon (ITALO!!!!), RUPAUL vs.GITTA - You´re No Lady,HOTEL ST.GEORGE - Welcome To My Lie (ITALO !!!!!), EARSPHONES - Lie To Me (ITALO!!!), DIFFERENT GEAR - A Little Bit Paranoid, TIEFSCHWARZ - Hello Again, STUDIO 69 - Promised Land (MANDY REMIX), FOGGY - Take The Future, GARDEWEG - All I Want, COLOMA feat.ROB TAYLOR - Transparent,CYPRESS HILL & RONI SIZE - Child Of The Wild West (soundtrack-BLADE 2), MISSY ELLIOTT feat.EVE - 4 My People (BASEMENT JAXX REMIX), ASCENSION feat.ERIN LORDAN - For A Lifetime, MISS PEPPERMINT - Back In Time, USURA - Open Your Mind´2002 (SAGITAIRE DMC REMIX), MARCO DI MICOU - Anubis, 2 SEXY - Like A Prayer, GARY D. - D.TRANCE Anthem´2002,ROSSI GEE - Give Me Some More, MALIX - Echo´s Of Lyra (RMB REMIX), DJ TATANA - Words (incl. DJ ENERGY REMIX), MEGA´LO MANIA - Emotion´2002, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS - Come With Us, ANTILLAS feat.CLANNAD - I Will Found You´2002, KRIMINAL SPUTNIK - Let´s Take A Break (incl. WARP BROTHERS REMIX), COPYRIGHT presents ONE TRACK MIND feat.ANGIE BROWN - Good For You
18.3. 2002
MADELYNE - Beautiful Child, PHAEDRA - Forbidden Methods (cover VISAGE "Fade To Grey"), ANDY J POWELL meets ROBERT KLINE - Live A Dream, LOLLIPOP - Love Me For One Night (TROUBLE J REMIX), P!NK - Don´t Let Me,Get Me, E-FABLE - My Carillon, DJ TIESTO - Lethal Industry, FAITHLESS feat.DIDO - One Step Too Far, BARCODE BROTHERS - Live 2 Love, J.WHITE - World´s Groove, CLUBZONE - Don´t Miss The Partyline´2002, BRA.SA - Bon-Go-Tronik, LADY BRIAN - Bamby, MASH - In Your Eyes(cover-"I Just Died In Your Arms"), HADDAWAY - Love Makes, EINSTEIN DR. DEEJAY feat.RAMIREZ - Inferno, COMMANDER TOM - Sweet Thang, LEFT´N´RIGHT - The Season Of Love,JAN WAYNE - Because The Night´2002 (cover CO.RO!!!), HEADROOM - We Have Taken Control, DJ BOBO - Celebration, DJ BO & DENIS THE MENACE - The Place, BLACK LEGEND - Feel For U, LOOGA - Nessaja, NAIF THEME - Teenagers, ABEL REMOS - One More (incl. ROCCO/PULSEDRIVER REMIX), DJ MIND-X - Voyage,CAROLINE HENDERSON - I Try, MASSIVE ATTACK & MOS DEF - I Against I, KOSHEEN - Hungry, DJ PIERRE - Dancing, MASTERS AT WORK - Our Time Is Coming, DJ FRICTION - On My Own, DESTINY´S CHILD - Nasty Girl, NO ANGELS - Something About Us
4.3. 2002
ROLLERGIRL - Geisha Dreams, CAPPELLA - U Got 2 Let The Music (GIGI D´AGOSTINO REMIX), TERENCE feat.PIT BAILAY - Love Message, N-JOY - That´s Who I´m, NO DOUBT - Hella Good, AIR - Don´t Be Light, ISABEL - Will My Heart Survive, MEMBERS OF MAYDAY - Sonic Empire (UK MIXES), MARK DAWN - Expanded (incl.FLUTLICHT REMIX), K*RIM - Shot, KATRINA - Energy, MIMMO M feat.SANDY - I Miss You, GORILLAZ - Tomorrow Comes Today´2002, SNAP! vs.PLAYTHING - See The Light´2002, ROYCE DA 5´9´´ feat.EMINEM - Rock City, TRIM - Eye In The Sky, MASTER P. - Ooohhwee, DJ ROSS - Dreamland,SHELLEY - I Will Follow You, SENSITIVE - Deep Inside, SUBMISSION - Dancin´ All Around, MAT SILVER - It´s A Fine Day´2002, REBUS - Shut Up And Dance, FUNNY BOYS - Fax Funny, TWO IN ONE - Close Your Eyes, FANCY - Pretty Woman, E-VISION - I Can´t Live Without You,SUGAR DADDY - Time To Love, ZORBATEK - Nostalgia, COPYRIGHT pres.ONE TRACK MIND feat.ANGIE BROWN - Good For You, KRIMINAL SPUTNIK - Let´s Take A Break (incl.WARP BROTHERS REMIX) , ANTILLAS feat.CLANNAD - I Will Found You´2002, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS - Come With Us, MISSY ELLIOT feat.EVE - 4 My People