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Darkthrone - the world most hated band but my all time fave. Eversince their demo era, I've been hooked to Darkthrone music. From sluggish Death Metal to Extreme Black Metal, Darkthrone has become the most well known Black Metal group in the world. Formed back in 1986,  only two original members remain till today. Their music style is very extreme and dark.......suits their image. Lyrical styles are out of this world and in the lyrics you can find the true meaning of Darkthrone. Hailing from Norway, Darkthrone is the leader in Black Metal after the death of Euronymous. Perhaps one day, they will rule this world.


Current Line-Up

Fenriz - Drums, Bass and Satanic Poetry
Nocturno Culto - Vocals, Guitars and Lyrics


Past Line-Up

Fenriz - Percussion and Satanic Poetry
Nocturno Culto - Vocals, Bass and Lyrics
Zephyrous - Guitars


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