Martin has left the band.

It's official – singer and lyrical genius Martin Walkyier is no longer with Skyclad. What does this mean for the future? Skyclad will continue with newest member Kevin Ridley taking Martin's place and Martin will now be working solely with Return to the Sabbat, a reunion of his former band. As for this site, it will no longer be Skyclad Puns, since the focus is on Martin's writing. It will continue to grow for as long as Martin writes, whether for RttS or anything else. I guess it'll need a new name, though! E-mail contributions to
Created: 11/14/97
Updated: 4/16/01
Latest News: Updated "Any Old Irony?" (1/14/01: Updated "The Great Brain Robbery", "The Antibody Politic". 11/15/00: Added 'Old Rope'. Updated "The Sinful Ensemble", "The Present Imperfect", 'Wayward Sons of Mother Earth', and links.)

Folkémon (2000)

The title of the new album is a pun Pokémon, and featured on the cover is Freakachu (a pun on Pikachu). Check out the Official Website to see some pictures of this little creature. 'Rhymes Against Humanity' was the working title for the album, and is a pun on crimes against humanity.
The Great Brain Robbery (The Great Train Robbery) Think Back and Lie of England Polkageist The Disenchanted Forest (enchanted forest)
The Antibody Politic (the body politic) When God Logs-Off Any Old Irony? Loco-Commotion (locomotion) A bonus instrumental track.

Vintage Whine (1999)

Kiss My Sweet Brass (kiss my you-know-what)
Vintage Whine On With Their Heads! The Silver Cloud's Dark Lining No Strings Attached Bury Me Cancer of the Heart Little Miss Take By George

Outrageous Fourtunes (1997)

The album title, because this EP contains "four tunes." (fortunes)

The Answer Machine? (1997)

A Clown of Thorns Building a Ruin Worn Out Sole to Heel Single Phial Helium Eirenarch Troublesometimes Isle of Jura Fainting by Numbers My Naked I Catherine at the Wheel Dead Angels on Ice

Oui Avant-Garde à Chance (1996)

The album title (We haven’t got a chance)
Great Blow for a Day Job Constance Eternal Jumping My Shadow Bombjour! History Lessens (The Final Examination) A Badtime Story Bombed Out (Instru-Mental)

Irrational Anthems (1996)

Inequality Street The Wrong Song Snake Charming Penny Dreadful The Sinful Ensemble My Mother in Darkness The Spiral Starecase (instr.) Sabre Dance: No puns in the lyrics, but in the sleeve notes it says "Composed by A. Khachaturian. Deranged by G. English."
I Dubious Science Never Sleeps History Lessens Quantity Time

Old Rope (1996)

The title of this compilation album is a pun on "ol' drope", which is medieval slang for a beggar or prostitute.
Contributed by Michael Francisco.

The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea (1995)

Still Spinning Shrapnel Art-Nazi Jeopardy Another Fine Mess Halo of Flies Desperanto (A Song for Europe?) The Present Imperfect: The grammatical expression, or simply not perfect. Incidentally, the Latin verse in this song is written in the present imperfect tense.

In the Name of Satan (1994 - Venom tribute album)

Prime Evil: Even though the lyrics were not written by Martin, I decided to include this song anyway.

Prince of the Poverty Line (1994)

The album title is a pun on royal lines of ancestry. Literally, the poverty line is a specified level of income below which people are considered to be in poverty. The phrase is also used in some of the lyrics to mean a subway line, or an actual line (see below).
Civil War Dance Cardboard City Sins of Emission Land of the Rising Slum A Bellyful of Emptiness A Dog in the Manger

Jonah’s Ark (1993)

Thinking Allowed? The Wickedest Man in the World Earth Mother, the Sun and the Furious Host The Ilk of Human Blindness: Tunnel Visionaries Bewilderbeast: It Wasn’t Meant to End This Way

Tracks from the Wilderness (1992)

The album title. (animal 'tracks' or the tracks on an album?) There are some puns in the songs, but these are all included on other albums.

A Burnt Offering for the Bone Idol (1992)

A Broken Promised Land Spinning Jenny Karmageddon (The Suffering Silence) Ring Stone Round The Declaration of Indifference Alone in Death’s Shadow

The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth (1991)

Wayward means "following one's own capricious, wanton, or depraved inclinations" (Merriam-Webster). However, it may also be interpreted as a pun on the book "The Way of Wyrd" by Dr. Brain Bates, which was the basis for the concept of Sabbat's 'Dreamweaver' album. In addition, the working title of the album was "Well Met by Moonlight", which is a pun on the title of an old B&W movie "Ill Met by Moonlight". Interpretations of the album title adapted from Arnaut's Skyclad Homepage.
A Minute’s Piece

Our Dying Island Skyclad Moongleam and Meadowsweet Terminus


A Fissure of Men: Martin's opening message from the Official Website.
The Wondering Minstrel (wandering minstrel) This short story written by Martin is hidden on the Official Website.

Dreamweaver (1989)

Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?

Contributed by Effie Gemis-Iordanou.

History of a Time to Come (1987)

I For An Eye

The Church Bizarre

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