Adam at the Borderline

Hey hey, what d'ya say???!! This photo was taken on Wednesday outside the Borderline Club! It's a bit of a change from his last image...

Adam appeared as a special guest with a group called "Dweeb". The group cover Beat My Guest, and Adam was invited to sing with them! Anyway, for those of you who are interested, here's the story from start to finish....

It started off as a pretty average day... and I was having to face yet another boring lecture. Then one of my friends came into the hall and told me that Adam would be performing live in London - of course I didn't believe him. Then he said which song Adam would be playing, and where it was, which was when I realised that he was not making it up! Of course, I couldn't concentrate for the of the lecture, and I didn't learn a thing - but that didn't matter, I was going to see Adam playing Beat My Guest within three days of the 20th Anniversary of Antmusic - WOW!

I arrived at the club early in the evening, and was amazed to see Adam walking out of the club at the same time! He looked VERY different and was with his girlfriend, but nothing was going to stop me! When I went up to him, he was taking photos of the building. I asked for an autograph, and then had a photo taken with him (his girlfriend took the photo). Adam then went back into the club. I had to get to a phone box to tell my Mum, and I was surprised to see none other than Marco standing outside a guitar shop!! Marco told me that he wanted to buy a plectrum, but the shop was closed. I think he was surprised that I had recognised him because I'm only 18. I wished him good luck for the performance, and said goodbye.

The next surprise in store for me was hearing the opening riff to Beat My Guest blasting out from the club. Adam and Marco were doing a soundcheck. Shortly after this, people were beginning to arrive, so I decided to queue up outside. Adam, Marco, and Adam's girlfriend, came past and Adam came back shortly afterwards. We were finally let in at 8:30, and I was pleased to see that the stage was small, and that I could get really close to the stage. The first band on weren't very good, but seeing Martin Rossiter from Gene enter the building more than made up for this!! (In case you didn't know, Martin is a great fan of Adam Ant).

The main band, Dweeb, came on at 10:00. Luckily, they were a punk band which meant that their songs didn't last too long! When the lead singer announced that Adam was about to appear, the crowd got very excited. Even the people who had turned up to see Dweeb got more excited than ever before!!

Adam started by announcing that "this band play Beat My Guest better than I ever did!" (err.. sorry Adam, but your talking b*****ks!). Both Adam AND Marco seemed really excited about being back on stage! Adam put all his energy into this performance, and his voice was sounding excellent! The biggest surprise came when Adam took off his hat. His hair has grown back a bit, and his dark roots were showing through, so he is probably going brown again (which explains his current fascination with hats). Unfortunately, the hat came off for only half a second, so unfortunately... no photos!

If this performance is anything to go by, then the concerts in 1998 will be a real treat for everyone!!

Finally, thanks to Ben Thompson (for telling me about the concert), and to Rebecca Stunell (for loan of the camera).

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