Adam on the M Factory

Once is never enough, it never is, it never was...

After having met Adam at the Borderline last month, I was amazed to hear that I would get to meet him and see him perform live yet again! However, the rumours were true, and on Friday 6th June Adam appeared at MY university for our end-of-year TV show!

At first I didn't believe that Adam would be coming to my campus, I thought that it couldn't possibly be true. But over the last few days before the show went out, it seemed that I was wrong - posters were going up with his name on, and everybody was talking about him. On the day before the show, it was confirmed. Someone found out that I liked Adam, and asked me to help prepare the questions for him! At this point I was promised the opportunity to meet him as well - I couldn't wait!

In case you're wondering what the TV show is, it's a show which our second year Media Studies students produce each Friday, and it goes on-air around the university. This show was particularly special because it was the first open-air show they had produced.

On the day of the show I got up early, and found that the stage had been finished. The stage looked great, and it was professionally done with some excellent lighting, and a great back-drop.

I heard that Adam was due to arrive around four o' clock, and he was right on time! He was wearing a camoflague outfit, and the usual glasses and hat. He went inside the studios for a while, and then he came out to do the sound-check. It was at this point that I found out that he was going to perform with a band which he had just signed for his new record label.

The sound-check went well, so I could tell straight away that this performance was going to be a real treat!

It was hard having to wait another hour for Adam to come on, the time seemed to go by so slowly. However, Adam came out early to get an ice-lolly, which meant more interesting photos opportunities!

When he came on he received a great reception from the the audience. Firstly, Adam was interviewed for the show - this interview will appear on my site as soon as I get to see the video of it!

Firstly, Adam performed backing vocals on one of the band's songs. This song had a raw guitar sound, and I can see why Adam and Marco were keen to sign this band. Unfortunately, the microphone which the lead singer was using wasn't working, so only Adam's backing vocals could be heard. Because of this, Adam and the lead singer shared a microphone for the end of the song.

The final song which they did was a song chosen by Adam. It was a cover version of a song by one of Adam's favourite groups - the Spice Girls! Believe it or not, Adam did a cover version of the Spice Girls' hit single, "Wannabe". The performance was simply amazing! Adam gave the song a whole new arrangement with a brilliant guitar sound. Adam's vocals were sounding better than ever, and he put a lot of energy into it!

Adam received a lot of applause at the end, and it was well deserved. It this performance is anything to go by, then the concerts in 1998 are a must for any fan.

You ant seen nuffin' yet...!

For more pictures, soundcheck report, animated gifs and more details check out Ant Lib Online in AUGUST 2000!

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