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Below are reviews for the two bootlegs currently available on CD. Of course, they are not available in the shops, but you may still be able to find copies at local record fairs. I don't have any copies for sale, although if you send me an e-mail I can put you in touch with someone who does!

"Antmusic for Sexpeople" and "Ants in Bondage" became available about two years ago, and about 500 copies were made of each.

Antmusic For Sexpeople

Track listing:

  1. Puerto Rican
  2. Duetscher Girls
  3. Young Parisians
  4. Lady / Catch A Falling Star / Lady (Outro)
  5. Il Duce
  6. Punk in the Supermarket
  7. Day I Met God
  8. Boil in the Bag Man
  9. Christain Dior
  10. Song For Ruth Ellis
  11. Family of Noise
  12. Beat My Guest
  13. Whip in my Valise
  14. Nietzsche Baby (live)
  15. B-Side Baby
  16. Fall In
  17. Bathroom Function
  18. Catholic Day
  19. Rubber People
  20. Mice in Freefall

Recording info:
  • Tracks 1 - 2.....Peel Session 23-01-78
  • Tracks 3 - 4.....Virtual Earth Studio 15-05-78
  • Tracks 5 - 6.....Adam Ant and Dave Barbe demo 03-78
  • Tracks 7 - 11....Croyden demos 10-12-78
  • Track 12.........Chappell Studio 14-07-77
  • Track 13.........Decca Demo '78
  • Track 14.........Live at Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford 04-02-78
  • Tracks 15 - 19...Decca Demos 03-78
  • Track 20.........Camden Studio 28-09-77 The CD features material unavailable (legally!) anywhere else. However, tracks 1 and 2 are from the Ants first Peel Session which many fans have probably heard at some point. And tracks 4, 5, and 6 appeared on a widely available 7" bootleg. This CD will be of most use if you haven't got the "Madam Stan" bootleg because it features many songs which have yet to be released. Many early songs ended up on the b-sides, songs such as Christain D'or and Beat My Guest sound great with Marco's guitar and Chris Hughes brilliant production. It would be interesting hear what Bathroom Function and Rubber People would have sounded like had they been performed by the early 80's line-up of the Ants. Perhaps Adam deemed them to be a bit too sexually explicit given the fact that he was now appealing to a younger audience. This was the first time I had heard Nietzsche Baby. This is a great song, I especially like the military style drum sound at the beginning of the track. Mice in Freefall is an instrumental version of Don't Be Square. The sound quality is excellent throughout, even on the live track. This CD is essential for any serious collector. The only problem is that there must be have been more tracks recorded at each session. I can't believe that the band would have gone into a studio just to record one track. Where are the other tracks? It would be great to have a complete set of recordings from each session.

    Ants in Bondage

    Track listing:

    1. Physical (You're so)
    2. Kick
    3. Friends
    4. Cartrouble (part 1 and 2)
    5. B-Side Baby
    6. It Doesn't Matter
    7. Zerox
    8. Cleopatra
    9. Red Scab
    10. Plastic Surgery
    11. Puerto Rican
    12. Duetscher Girls
    13. B-Side Baby
    14. Dirk Wears White Sox
    15. Fat Fun
    16. It Doesn't Matter
    17. Lou (announced as New York Coke Joke)
    18. Fall In
    19. Hampstead
    20. Whip in my Valise
    21. Beat My Guest
    22. Send a Letter to Jordan
    23. Red Scab
    24. Juanito the Bandito
    25. Fall Out

    Recording info:
  • Tracks 1 - 4........Sound Development Studios 08-79
  • Tracks 5 - 9........Basing Street Studios 08-78
  • Tracks 10 - 25....Live at the Marquee, London, 19-01-78

    Many fans will probably be familiar with the first four tracks because these appeared on the Antmusic EP in 1982. The demo tracks are good, although the performances are pretty standard, so there's no major lyrical or instrumental changes. After this you will be in for a real treat! The live recording from the Marquee is simply amazing. It gives everyone the opportunity to here the raw excitement offered by the Ants early performances. How many of us can say we had attended an early Ants performance? This live performance also includes songs which are not widely available. It gives everyone a chance to hear Dirk Wears White Sox, Fat Fun, Hampstead, Send a Letter to Jordan. The version of Whip in my Valise here is the fast version. This is the first time I had heard this version. This CD is well worth getting, especially for the live tracks. The sound quality is very good considering the source of the material. The sound on the live tracks is not perfect, although you CAN hear every part of every song. If you manage to find one of these at a record, do not hesitate, buy it! You'll love it!

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