Slapdash Eden 3 - fanzine review

The third Slapdash Eden fanzine is essential for anybody who wants to celebrate 20 years of Antmusic in style! This fanzine is an "interview special" and includes in depth interviews with various band members, including, Andy Warren, Lester Square, Chris Hughes and Marco Pirroni. The interviews are especially good because they help answer the questions which the fans really want to know - these interviews do not re-tell all the same stories which you already know. The highlights for me were the interviews with Andy Warren and Marco. They were both incredibly in depth, and give a good insight into the relations within the group.

As well as the inerviews, there is some recent news, and the fanzine is packed with some great pictures. Any faults? Well... not really, except for the fact that I became so engrossed in the fanzine that I got on the wrong underground train when I was going home last weekend!! It's 56 pages long, and it is essential for any serious collector. The fanzine is limited to 200 copies, so if your interested so should write to Andi Vaughan right away!

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