The MCA videos

I was surprised to find out a few weeks ago that some fans hadn't even heard of the Can't set rules... and Rough Stuff videos. Therefore, I thought that this would be a good time to go through my old issues of the fan club newsletter and put some of the photos from the video shoots on my site.

In case you're wondering why the text is so big, basically I haven't got much time to do this, and I need to fill in the gaps between the pictures to make it look nice!

The first video Adam did was one for the Room at the Top video. This was, of course, an excellent video. It featured a strong cast, although the star of the video has to be the microphone! The microphone in the video appeared to have a mind of its own as it swung back and forth! It is a shame that Adam couldn't have used this technique live on stage - that would have looked very good indeed!

The stage which is picture above was one of the main locations in the video.

However, the video also jumped to various times and places in history. At one point, Adam is in Marie Anntoinette's boudoir (see right), and the next he is with Calamity Jane in the Wild West.

One of the best features of the video was the great use of colour. The background of the stage alternated between bright shades of blue, red, green and yellow. I think that this made the video captures people attention because so many other videos out at that time had no life whatsoever.

Adam's image was also once again important to the video. Adam decorated the outfit (see left) by himself.

So, with such a strong cast, and some great sets, Room at the Top became a perfect video for Adam to make his comeback with.

The next single to be released in the UK was Can't Set Rules about Love. The video was similar to Room at the Top in the way that Adam used a plain background.

Although there wasn't so much going on in this video as in Room at the Top, I think that this video complimented the song well. The song is quite simple, but sensual, and this was put over in the video.

I thought that Adam's performance in this video was exceptional. He also looked great, wearing a large lilac suit made for him by his friend Chris Sullivan.

The video starred Taina, a model from New Zealand, and two babies - Jo-Jo and Lotte.

According to the fan club magazine, Taina was chosen by Adam personally from a casting session of over 50.

The video was written by Adam and Danny Kleinman, the director.

Unfortunately, this video didn't get as much attention as Room at the Top, and I can't ever remember seeing it on TV.

The final video from the Manners and Physique era was "Rough Stuff". In this video Adam turned his attention to his physique in particular!

Once again, Daniel Kleinman directed the video, and as usual, he and Adam had some very specific ideas in mind.

Adam had been faxing a number of sketches over to London from the U.S during the weeks leading up to the shoot.

This time, Adam dreamt up fancy marine drill sergeantesses and female boxing barbarians.

Like in Desperate but not Serious, Adam used the theme of boxing to cover up the sexual content of the song. However, this didn't stop the video from being banned during the daytime on MTV.

The video basically features Adam arriving at a work-out, and not being very good at it. Then, after a change of clothes (helped in the change by the female boxers!) he turns into 'superman' and starts performing a lot better!

Added to all this, Adam still finds time to get off with the leader of the group (see right)!

Personally, this isn't one of my favourite videos - there's to many shots of the near-naked boxing barbarians - we want to see Adam, not them!(although some male fans may disagree!)

All in all, Adam gave us some cracking videos during the MCA/Manners and Physique era. The new album should be out sometime next year and I can't wait to see what great ideas Adam had in store for us then!

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