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Hello and welcome to BeatleGrl91's Best of The Beatles Page. I'm just starting to pull this site together. If you've got the right browser, you should be hearing some music right about now. It's a Beatles Medley and it's pretty long so you're gonna have to stick around for awhile if you want to hear the whole thing. Enjoy! A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

WHAT'S NEW: I have finally completed the lyrics section and there is a brand new poll. Results of the last poll have been posted.

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Bald Beatles? See what one magazine thought this would look like.

Beatle Bios. A brief outline of each of the Beatles' lives.

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Yay! There is finally a new poll!!! I know you're excited..what happened was I lost my password and couldn't update my page. Thanks to all the responded to the last poll. The results are in. Your favorite Beatle song is(drum roll)...Hey Jude! There you go =). Hopefully I can post the results of this next poll a lot sooner...Enjoy...
What's the best Beatles album?

Coming soon: a Beatles facts page, and a complete discography of all of the albums, singles and EP's.

If you find any mistakes like dead links or bad lyrics, please let me know. A lot of times I'm not really paying attention to what I'm typing =).
That's all for now. All I've got to say is Give Peace a Chance!

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