BREAKING NEWS ..Mike is doing better....but he still needs our prayers and thoughts....

Come and get you socks rocked off !!

Meet the band

Meet the band

Victor Deyglio-Guitar, Leo Binetti-Bass, Lex Grey-Vocals.
Michael Golden-Drums

Michael, Our thoughts and prayers are with you,....
Meet Mike
We Love you Brother!.....

Lex, Victor, Leo, Max, Bob and all your friends, past and present....

Meet us at Patchogue

Meet the band

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BREAKING NEWS ..Look for Lex at the Great South Bay Music Festival in Patchogue....July 14th....see

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Pioneer Productions
(718) 387-8153

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Long Island Blues Society

The band plays an electric New York style Blues. They originally started out as acoustic, but in the past few years they have changed their music style and direction. Look for our latest CD and sound clips at CDPIMP.COM

BREAKING NEWS ....It's official.... Va Va Voom is now released and availabale at all their gigs.... .....

Va Va Voom-Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers
Lex Grey is frequently, and I say speciously, compared to the late Janis Joplin. In my eyes, the reality is that Janis, if she had lived might have sounded a lot like our of Lex Grey does. The latest offering from Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers highlights a woman and a band will able to communicate the foibles and pain of human existence. The blues is a fitting milieu for the expression of love and loss, aging, underemployment and a whole litany of hardships or happinesses. Amidst all the angst and ardor, Lex is able to dispense humor and sensual glide easily and succinctly, too! Va Va Voom opens with "Tears of Blue" which sets the tone with heartfelt oration and kickbutt band work. "Wishing Well" is one of the finest songs comitted to vinyl by this band. It is tender and honest. The guys deliver a steamy and blustery "Hesitation Blues" where Vic's slide shines. Victoria's harp is a screaming panther and the rhythm section of Leo and Mike (get well soon) are a piledriver of power. "Already Ready" is a funky finger popper accentuated by Magic Tate's sax. A country flavored "Dayshift Bartender" has a Hank Williams flow and wicked sense of humor that is echoed by the met him again, low and slow tale of "My Old Flame." Talk about cognitive dissonance and confusion set to a rocking blues background. "Va Va Voom" could only be sung by Lexie. It's a sordid tale of a mistress and establishment. This baby rocks with film noire dark and humor oozes like some kind of better left unasked sticky substance. Closing with a deep from the gut plea of "Understand Me", the guys close down, having once again dished out some soulful blues balladry that is rarely duplicated. It's not only ability but presence that characterized Lex. Va Va Voom drives and the Urban Pioneers steer it like a NASCAR star.-
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