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Last Updated: 10/3/2001

Howdy Peoples... Well, if you dare to delve into the depths of my life and interests, please go ahead. Unfortunately, sorry young horny teenagers, there is no porn on this site. But for a good time ring 1800-spankme and ask for frank.. Yeah, go visit the new stuff, there's a bit, i've just added a whole heap of photos, a few from rotto and stuff throughout 99. Just added recently is a few fotos from my 18th. Brand spanker new fotos added (3/9/2000).Oh, and i updated the piss off page, so go see if you're on there !!! Have a ball and if it's not too much trouble could you please sign my guestbook make it look like people actually come here....! p.s. i promise i'll give it a new front page soon!
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