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Korn, White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Pantera, RATM, 311, Metallica, ICP, and Star Wars

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HI I'm threeleven
Pic of me and my cuzins
pic of my friend Tara

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I love movies and listen to music almost all the time. My favorite band is "korn". I also like "Pearl Jam", "The Cranberries", Jewel, "311","Prodigy" and others. My favorite Movie is either "Independence Day" , "Scream", or "Grosse Point Blank". My fav actors are Will Smith ,Bill Pulman andJohn Cusack. My fav actresses are Alicia Silverstone and Sandra Bullock.
My favorite racer is Randy LaJoie .
Last my favorite Hockey team is either The Stars or The Rangers.

Science Fiction X-Files

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