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"The youth of America want to thrash right now" (-Dave Mustaine)


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The Dethly Contaminants

[Section 1: Megadeth's Origin]
  1. Where did the name come from?
  2. Are there any other names for the band that didn't get used?
[Section 2: The Megamembers: Past and Present]
  1. The band's past and current members.
  2. Where are they now? After Megadeth
  3. Biography of the Band
  4. Chronology of Releases and band members
  5. Past Tour Dates
[Section 3: Megadeth's Influences]
  1. What influenced David Ellefson?
  2. What influenced Dave Mustaine?
  3. What influenced Marty Friedman?
  4. What influenced Nick Menza?
  5. Past Members influences
[Section 4: Megadeth's Gear]
  1. Gear for Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good
  2. Gear for Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
  3. Gear for So Far, So Good...So What!?
  4. Gear for Rust In Peace
  5. Gear for Countdown To Extinction
  6. Gear for Youthanasia
  7. Gear for Needles and Pins
  8. Endorsements and Signature Models
[Section 5: Discography]
  1. A list of Official Releases w/singles
  2. A list of Non-Album Singles
  3. A list of Bootlegs
  4. A list of Bootleg Videos
  5. A list of Home Videos
  6. A list of Compilation records
[Section 6: Song Meanings]
  1. Killing is my Business and Business is Good
  2. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
  3. So far, So Good...So What
  4. Rust In Peace
  5. Countdown To Extinction
  6. Youthanasia
  7. Hidden Treasures
[Section 7: Question and Answer]
  1. Killing is my Business and Business is Good
  2. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
  3. So far, So Good...So What
  4. Rust In Peace
  5. Countdown To Extinction
  6. Youthanasia
  7. Needles And Pins
  8. Other Questions not pertaining to albums
[Section 8: Contacting The Band]
  1. Can I email the band?
  2. Fan Asylum: The Official Fan Club
  3. Official Web Pages and Other Places On the WWW
  4. The Rattler: The Official Mailing List
  5. The Megadiner
[Credits Section: The FAQ's FAQ]
  1. Who wrote the FAQ?
  2. Who contributed the FAQ?
  3. Where can I find the FAQ on the World Wide Web?
  4. Where can I find the FAQ on UseNET?
  5. How Often Will it be Posted?
  6. What version of the FAQ am I reading right now?

Section 1: Megadeth: The Origin. Where did the name come from?

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1-A: Where did the name come from?

There are many definitions of the term Megadeth, or more commonly spelled and misspelled by the media, MegadeAth, with an "a". This is an exert from a hit Parader issue from 1987:

Hit Parader: Dave, Megadeth is a pretty intense name for a band. How did a nice boy like you think of a moniker like that?

Dave Mustaine: Megadeth represents the annihilation of power. We spell the name phonetically because the meaning to us is the same you get out of the dictionary-it's a hypothetical body count after a nuclear fallout. It's a million deaths, and we want to leave our audience shellshocked wherever we go.

Dave was sitting on a plane one day, taking a trip to somewhere and he had grabbed some pamphlets for reading. The one pamphlet he picked up was a protest against nuclear weapons and it had the definition of the word 'megadeath' in it. Dave thought it was a good name and he decided to take the "a" off of death, just so everyone would not think that he was referring to death, but of course, that changed rather quickly.

1-B: Are there any other names for the band that didn't get used?

Yes. Another name that Dave Mustaine had thought up was 'Fire-Bomber', except to use the name in German.


[Section 2: The Megamembers: Past and Present]

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Dave Mustaine: After Dave was kicked out of/left Metallica, he started up a band called "Fallen Angels". This band didn't go anywhere and soon enough, David Ellefson came knocking on Dave's door. The two were neighboors and well formed the band Megadeth. See David's reason for joining Dave.

David Ellefson: Before Megadeth, David was in a band called Killers, which, just guessing by the name, was somehow Iron Maiden oriented. How did David join Megadeth, well, it happened many many MANY years ago. One morning Dave Mustaine(lead singer, guitarist) was suffering from a hang over from the previous night and David decided to practice playing bass that morning. The only problem with that is that Dave and David were next door neighbors. Dave got so annoyed that he threw a flower pot at Ellefson's window. The funny thing is that David didn't even notice it and went right on practicing. (I wonder what his parents thought of that at the time :) David was 18 at the time he met Dave and formed Megadeth.

Nick Menza: The only thing I know about Nick's past, is that his dad, Don Menza, played the saxaphone part in the movie "The Pink Panther" This gave Nick the opportunity to study with top jazz drummers, including Jeff Pocaro.

Nick also has an interest in motocross and scuba diving. This is how Nick came to be in Megadeth.

Nick acted as Chuck's drum technician (roadie), until Chuck made his 'last mistake' (according to Dave), and was fired. To quote Dave, in response to the question of whether or not Nick Menza used to be a technician (roadie) in the band: "I can answer it yes and no. Yes because we wanted him to be in the band and because we were paranoid about Chuck blowing it. We didn't want to lose out on the show that night or the next night, so we always had him there. Yes because he was there. And no, because he WASN'T a drum roadie. He was there as a drummer waiting for Chuck to fuck up!"

Marty Friedman: Marty had a couple of bands before he joined Megadeth in Febuary of 1990. He was in a band called "Hawaii" which, according to most people, would have been one of the heaviest bands around if it wasn't for Marty's "Trippy" guitar solos. After that band, he formed Cacophany with Jason Becker and released 2 albums. Marty and Jason soon split and then each released their own solo cd's. Marty released 1 more solo CD (Dragon's Kiss) after that, (both of which Jason played on) and then he joined Megadeth. Jason released a few other cd's as well and has fallen prey to Lou Gheriks Disease. (ALS) Marty heard about the open spot in Megadeth after auditioning for Ozzy, which as we all know, was given to Zakk Wylde. I believe it was Zakk that told Marty about the open spot in deth as well.

Chris Poland:

Jeff Scott Young:

Gar Samuleson:
Chuck Behler: Chuck was Gar's Drum Tech and when Chris got the boot, Gar went with him because they were buddies and stuck by eachother. Dave asked Chuck to take over soon after.

2-B: After Megadeth

Chris Poland: Chris was kicked out of Megadeth due to the fact that he was stealing dave's gear to buy drugs. He started up the progressive band "Damn the Machine" with his brother. This band is still going apparently. I know they have at least 2 albums out. They recently changed their name to "Mumbo's Brain".

Jeff Scott Young: At first Jeff had formed the band known as Broken Silence. That band to my knowledge didn't go anywhere and then formed the band "Little Earthquakes". They have/had an email address at


More recently (like, this year) He began recording his acoustic debut album titled "circles". As a result, you can also reach him through this email address:


He will be keeping records of this on the web at this site:


I just visited this site, and there isn't any information on his album at all. In fact, the only thing that is there, is an official web site for some Brazillian guitarists named Bodi. Jeff has also been writing columns for the Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine. (Don't be confused with that geeky "Guitar One", magazine, Wolf Marshall writes that one and they are NOT the same magazine)

Gar Samuleson: Was booted out of the band and now plays drums for the band, Fatal Opera. They released an album in 1995 which is available from Massacre records. Dave has also said that Gar acted like he was going to drop the band at any minute, so Dave waited for his first mistake (which would be his last) to finally be able to fire him with some validity.

Chuck Behler: After leaving Megadeth because of Dave's habit w/ heroin, he came back to Detroit (Actually to a suburb called Livonia), where his mother lives, and teaches at a local High School (Mrs. Megadeth is what people used to call her). He supposedly received his Sonor Drums from the Megadeth tour. Supposedly Dave sold them, but there is no proof of that. He was in a band called The Meanies, which was a hard core band is no longer around.

Robbie Cromwell: (Guitarist for Fallen Angels) After April '83, when Dave Left, he played in a band called Fallen Angels.

Mike Leswick: (Drummer for Fallen Angels) See Robbie Cromwell

Lee Rash/Roach (David Ellefson's drummer) Lee: He was the original drummer for Megadeth. He either quit or was fired by the band just before the recording of the first Megadeth album, 'Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!'

Jeff Scott Young: (Guitarist) Left Megadeth due to Pressure from Dave M. (he was the producer for the So Far, So Good, So What! album) Formed Broken Silence.

Present Musicians

The Present line-up for Megadeth is as follows:
Dave Mustaine: Vocals and guitar
David Ellefson: Bass and Backing Vocals
Marty Friedman: Guitars and Backing Vocals
Nick Menza: Drums




2-C Biography of the Band:


I found a cool bio from Dean Koontz. Neat layout and chronology in it as well.


One purpose of most band biographies is to convince the reader that the musicians in question are the swellest bunch of people to walk the earth since God distinguished human beings from apes by giving us a large forebrain, erect posture, a sense of shame, and a fetish for wearing and collecting shoes. Although Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson, Marty Friedman, and Nick Menza seem like good people, I'm not going to pretend that, by comparison, they make Mother Theresa look like Jeffery Dahmer, and I'm not going to argue that the Lincoln Memorial should be torn down to make way for a giant bronze sculpture of Megadeth. (Anyway, we all know that spot is already set aside for the Elvis monument.)

Band biographies are also supposed to tell you what terrific, stupendous, fabulous, thunderously good, keen, and special musicians these guys are. I'm also going to break that tradition and assume that you are a member of the shoe-wearing species that rules our planet and are, therefore, perfectly capable of listening to Megadeth and already know they are flat-out the best at what they do.

When writing the biography of a metal band, the author is pretty much required--I'm almost sure there's a federal law--to use words and phrases like "thrashmasters" and "ripping" and "grizzly-throated" and "speed-core riffs" and "slamming chords" and "raging maniac" and "shitfaced." Okay, there, I've used them.

Because music critics are believed to rely on band biographies for background, the author is expected to cram the damn thing with more boring facts than you'd find in a ten-million-dollar, Department of Agriculture study of flatulence in dairy cows. It's supposed to include everything from an exhaustive survey of their musical triumphs to Dave Mustaine's favorite color, Ellefson's taste in hats, a list of three things that Friedman likes to do with Spam, and Menza's views on the possibility of intelligent life on other planets and in Libya.

Personally, I think any music critic worth his salt already knows everything important about Megadeth. Every DJ and programmer in rock radio knows Megadeth. Everyone who's managed to remain conscious at least some of the time since 1985 knows about Megadeth. Maybe George Bush has never heard about Megadeth, but he's not likely to be reading this, so why should the whole band biography be shaped just to educate him, even if he is a former President? Nevertheless, I wouldn't want it to be said that I am a radical, so I'll bow to this one tradition and give you a big wad of facts, presented in speedmetal fashion.

With those tiresome facts out of the way, let's consider what's most important about Megadeth. For one thing, they don't embrace the pretentious gloom-and- doom that, in its most extreme and relentless form, turns some metal bands into parodies of themselves. Those groups come from the humanity-is-a-wad-of- phlegm school of music: baby-think dressed up to seem profound. Don't get me wrong. Megadeth isn't a safe band by any definition, but their music is self- confident enough to be shot through with moments of hope, which makes it unique.

Dave Mustaine has said, "My life is average, my life is normal, and anybody can have this kind of existence if they're prepared to work for it. My life is a mirror of what anyone's life can be." He is sincere. He believes in hope. His lyrics deal with the dark and the light of life, which is one reason they have more depth than those of the competition. Look, I'm no music critic; my mom never would have wanted that; but I think Youthanasia contains at least three standouts--"Train of Consequences," "Addicted to Chaos," plus the piece the two Daves wrote together, "I Thought I Knew It All" --and the music supports the words with singular, driving energy.

Another important thing about Megadeth: It's hard to picture the band pulling a Sammy-Davis-Dick-Nixon Kodak Moment and hugging the President, regardless of which extreme of the political spectrum occupied the White House. Art is greater than politics. That's a truth that seems to elude most actors, writers, and musicians these days. Art used in the service of either left or right-wing politics is no longer art; it's either propaganda or sentimental bullshit--two forms of "entertainment" in which Megadeth has not yet indulged.

I also doubt you'll ever see Mustaine on Oprah!, trying to make capital out of his recovery from drug addiction. You won't see him whining about being a victim of society or his upbringing. He knows that the fault lies in himself. It lies right there among all the virtues. We have the potential to be devils or gods, and life is about the struggle with ourselves. That's what makes life so interesting.

Finally, what's important about Megadeth is that their music is fun. It's rock-n-roll, kids. It was always meant to be about fun. About freedom. About life and getting on with it. Megadeth hasn't forgotten that. They're fit, they're hot, and they're ready to play.

These guys pass the imaginary Godzilla test. Imagine if Godzilla came stomping through a city where the band was performing in concert. The old thunderlizard would topple skyscrapers into rubble, smash cars underfoot, melt tanks with his breath, attempt to impregnate every automatic car wash he came across, and in general behave appallingly. Some bands, if he stepped on them, would disintegrate like puffballs, and there would be no proof they ever existed. Other bands would squish like butter, and old Godzilla might slip, but he'd get his balance right away and go stomping on toward the doughnut shop or whatever the hell he came to town for in the first place. If he stepped on Megadeth, believe me, he'd know he stepped on something. Oh, yeah, of course, he'd smash them dead. This band is only human, after all. But 'zilla would get a foot full of hideously spiky, barbed, deeply penetrating bone fragments, and the last chords of their singular music would burst from their instruments, into his wounds, and through his bloodstream with devastating effect. He'd limp out of town, back to whatever suboceanic hole he crawled out of, and if somehow he survived the wound, one day he'd start a band and play the most bitchin' guitar you ever heard.


2-D: Chronology of Releases and band members


SMALL BALL??? 1982 - Aloha, demo on Metal Massacre II (Marty Friedmans band)

SMALL BALL??? 1983 - Hawaii, "One Nation Underground"(Marty Friedmans band)

SMALL BALLMar 1983 - Dave Mustaine gets fired/kicked out from Metallica

SMALL BALLAprl 1983 - Dave M. Forms a band with guitarist Robbie Cromwell and drummer Mike Leswick called Fallen Angels. The band only stays together for about half a year

SMALL BALLMay 1983 - David Ellefson knocks on the door of a fellow tenant and meets Dave Mustaine for the first time

SMALL BALLAug 1983 - Mustaine and Ellefson form the Nucleus of Megadeth with drummer Lee Rash

SMALL BALLDec 31st 1983 - Mustaine becomes Megadeth's singer - they couldn't find anyone else to do it! [well, except for that face paint guy]

SMALL BALL??? 1984 - Hawaii, "Loud Wild and Heavy" (Marty Friedmans band)

SMALL BALLJuly 1984 - Megadeth record a 3 song demo that circulates the globe, and in November they sign to Combat Records

SMALL BALLNov 1984 - Megadeth record their first album 'Killing Is My Business' but was half of the $8000 recording budget on drugs before going to the studio

SMALL BALLDec 1984 - Megadeth fire their record producer and start rerecording 'Killing Is My Business' again from scratch with just $4000 budget

SMALL BALL??? 1985 - Hawaii, "The Natives are Restless" (Marty Friedmans band)

SMALL BALLMay 1985 - Megadeth release their first album 'Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!

SMALL BALLFeb 1986 - Start recording 'Peace Sells', but Megadeth have to take it in turn to live at the studios as they are so broke

SMALL BALLMay 1986 - Megadeth sign to Capitol Records

SMALL BALLNov 1986 - Release of 'Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?

SMALL BALL??? 1987 - Cacophony, "Speed Metal Symphony" (Shrapnel Records) (Marty Friedmans band)

SMALL BALLFeb 1987 - Megadeth supports Alice Cooper's Constrictor tour

SMALL BALLMar 1987 - Megadeth are to play Hammersmith Odeon - their first ever U.K. appearance. However gear is held up at Customs and only arrives half an hour before the show!

SMALL BALLDec 1987 - Megadeth play Leeds 'Christmas On Earth' festival, and film footage for 'Anarchy In The U.K.' video

SMALL BALL??? 1987 - Chris Poland is booted out of Megadeth

SMALL BALLOct 1987 - Gar Samuelson kicked out of Megadeth

SMALL BALLNov 1987 - Jeff Young quits under his own pressure and forms his own band "Broken Silence" and Chuck Behler joins the band

SMALL BALLDec 1987 - So Far, So Good... So What!' is released and reaches 18 in the U.K. album chart

SMALL BALL??? 1987 - Megadeth Tour with Overkill as a supporting act

SMALL BALL??? 1988 - Cacophony, "Go Off!" (Shrapnel Records) (Marty Friedmans band)

SMALL BALLAug 20 1988 - Megadeth play 'Monsters Of Rock' in Donnington. Lars Ulrich and Axl Rose provide backing vocals on Anarchy In The U.K. Iron Maiden Headline with David Lee Roth, Kiss, Anthrax, Great White, Treat and of course Megadeth as supporting acts. 102,000 people in attendance. Opener for the Monsters of Rock Tour.

SMALL BALL??? 1989 - "Dragon's Kiss" (Shrapnel Records) (Marty Friedmans solo cd)

SMALL BALLJuly 1989 - Nick Menza un-offially joins Megadeth on Drums

SMALL BALLDec 1989 - Alice Cooper pledges to becomes Mustaine's 'godfather' and help him keep clean from drugs and alcohol

SMALL BALLJan 1990 - The single 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' was released through Capitol Records which reaches No. 13 in the U.K. singles chart and Nick Menza appearsin the video as the drummer.

SMALL BALLFeb 1990 - Marty Friedman joins as Megadeth Guitarist

SMALL BALLJun 1990 - Nick Menza is officially in Megadeth as the drummer

SMALL BALLSept 1990 - 'Holy Wars' is released and goes to No. 24 in the U.K. singles chart

SMALL BALLNov 1990 - 'Rust In Peace' is released and enters the U.K. album chart at No.8

SMALL BALLOct 1990 - 'Clash Of The Titans' tour across Europe. Megadeth co-headline with Slayer, joined by Testament and Suicidal Tendencies

SMALL BALLNov 1990 - During 'Clash Of The Titans' tour, Dave Ellefson decides to grow a beard. Entire Megadeth touring party follow suit, grow beards and show him how it should be done

SMALL BALLMar 1991 - Megadeth go on tour in support of Judas Priest's new album Painkiller

SMALL BALLFeb 1991 - Megadeth Tour Australia for the first time. The Opening band was called "Mortal Sin". (Australian band)

SMALL BALLMar 1991 - Hangar 18 is released and reaches No. 26 in the U.K. singles charts

SMALL BALLMar 1991 - Megadeth play London's Marquee Club, as part of Kerrang!'s 10th anniversary celebrations

SMALL BALLMar 1991 - Megadeth's 'Oxidation of the Nations' tour (with The Almighty and Alice In Chains) sells out

SMALL BALLMay 1991 - PMI release the video 'Rusted Pieces' which enters the U.K. video charts at No. 1

SMALL BALL??? 1992 - "Scenes" (Nick Menza on drums) (Shrapnel Records) (Marty Friedmans solo cd)

SMALL BALLJan to Mar 1992 - Megadeth record 'Countdown To Extinction'

SMALL BALLJune 15th 1992 - 'Symphony Of Destruction' enters the U.K. Top 20 at No. 15

SMALL BALLJuly 6th 1992 - 'Countdown To Extinction' is released, enters U.K charts at No. 5, the American charts at No. 2, and the Japanese chart at No. 1

SMALL BALLJuly 1992 - Japanese Version of Countdown released with 2 extra tracks, "Go To Hell" and "Breakpoint"

SMALL BALLSept 1992 - Megadeth tour the U.K. and Europe with Pantera

SMALL BALL??? 1992 - Megadeth tour the U.S. with Stone Temple Pilots

SMALL BALLNov 1992 - Megadeth tour the North America with Suicidal Tendancies taking over the Stone Temple Pilots spot

SMALL BALLAug 1993 - Megadeth supports Aerosmith on their Get A Grip Tour but gets kicked off the tour due to a fall out between Dave M. and Steven Tyler.

SMALL BALL??? 1993 - 'Exposure Of A Dream' home video released

SMALL BALL??? 1994 - "Introduction" (Nick Menza on drums) (Shrapnel Records) (Marty Friedmans solo cd)

SMALL BALLOct 31, 1994 - Youthanasia Released - MTV Release Party: Night Of the Living Megadeth

SMALL BALLOct 31, 1994 - Japanese version of Youthanasia released w/4 extra tracks, "Crown Of Worms", "Holy Wars (live)", "Symphony of Destruction (live)" and "Sweating Bullets (live)"

SMALL BALLJan to Feb 1995 - YouthinAmerica Tour with Corrosion Of Conformity

SMALL BALL??? 1995 - Evolver Video Released

SMALL BALLJul to Aug 1995 - Reckoning Day Tour: U.S. with Flotsom and Jetsam, Korn and Fear Factory

SMALL BALL??? 1995 - Megadeth Play In Australia opening for Ozzy Osborne's Ozzmossis tour

SMALL BALLJuly,18 1995 - Hidden Treasures version 1 Released In Japan w/2 extra tracks: Crown Of Worms and New World Order and w/different cover

SMALL BALLJuly 1995 - Hidden Treasures version 2 Released In Japan w/4 extra tracks: 1.A Tout Le Monde 2.Symphony Of Destruction (DEMO) 3.Architecture Of Aggression (DEMO) 4.New World Order (DEMO)

SMALL BALLJuly 1995 - Hidden Treasures Released In the US and the Rest of the World without the 2 extra tracks.

SMALL BALL??? 1996 - MD45 is Released

SMALL BALLFeb 2, 1996 - David Ellefson and Wife have their first child. Their son, Roman Alexander Ellefson. (This WAS the actual due date as well)

SMALL BALLNov 1996 - "True Obsessions" (Shrapnel Records) (Marty Friedmans solo cd)

SMALL BALL??? 1996 - "Spacewalk - A Tribute to Ace Frehley" (Triage Records, Inc) (Marty Friedmans guest appearance)

SMALL BALL??? 1997 - Spring/Summer Release of New CD Titled: Needles and Pins


2-E: Tour Dates


Megadeth w/C.O.C

        DATE            CITY/STATE


JAN!    Sun Jan 15      El Paso TX

        Mon Jan 16      Lubbock TX

        Tue Jan 17      Oklahoma City OK

        Thu Jan 19      Dallas TX

        Fri Jan 20      Houston TX

        Sat Jan 21      Biloxi MS

        Sun Jan 22      Atlanta GA

        Tue Jan 24      Nashville TN

        Wed Jan 25      Charlotte NC

        Thu Jan 26      Washington DC

        Fri Jan 27      Philadelphia PA

        Sat Jan 28      New York NY

        Mon Jan 30      Hershey PA

FEB!    Wed Feb 1       Montreal

        Thu Feb 2       Fitchburg MA

        Fri Feb 3       Albany NY

        Sat Feb 4       Toronto

        Sun Feb 5       Cleveland OH

        Tue Feb 7       Detroit MI

        Wed Feb 8       Indianapolis

        Thu Feb 9       Dayton

        Fri Feb 10      Chicago IL

        Sat Feb 11      Kansas City MO

        Mon Feb 13      Denver CO

        Wed Feb 15      Salt Lake City UT

        Fri Feb 17      Spokane WA

        Sat Feb 18      Vancouver

        Sun Feb 19      Seattle WA

        Mon Feb 20      Salem WA

        Wed Feb 22      San Jose CA

        Thu Feb 23      San Diego CA

        Fri Feb 24      Los Angeles CA

        Sat Feb 25      Los Angeles CA





[Section 3: Megadeth's Influences]

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3-A: David Ellefson:

UFO, Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden to Stanley Clarke. Other bands that David likes are Channel Zero, Filter, Live and STP. Favorite Album probably Kiss Alive and Destroyer. As for his lyric writing, "life" is a good starting point.



3-B: What influenced Dave Mustaine?

Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Michael Schenker, Eric Johnson, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.



3-C: What influenced Marty Friedman?

Information not available at this time.



3-D: What influenced Nick Menza?

His father Don Menza, top jazz drummers, studied with Jeff Pocaro



3-E: Past Members Influences

Information not available at this time.




[Section 4: Megadeth's Gear]

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4-D: Rust In Peace Gear:

Dave and Marty's studio set up is the same live (different settings of course), VHT Power Amps and Wagnar preamps. Bradshaw Racks.

4-D: Guitars:

Marty: 2 guitars live: 2 Jackson/Kelly models. One has 22 and the other has 24 frets. The 24 Fret one is used in Holy Wars. Dean Markley Strings
Dave: King V Double Neck Jackson, Dunlop Picks, D'Addario Strings

4-D: Bass:

David: RotoSound Strings, Gallien Krueger Amps, Samson/Hartke

4-D: Drums:

Nick: Vic Firth Sticks, Aquarian Skins, Zildjian Cymbals and Yamaha Drums

4-E: Countdown To Extinction Tour

This is from Micheal Kaye, the guitar tech for Dave and Marty and also from the CTE Tour Book.

4-E: Dave Mustaine:

Dave uses the Jackson King V guitar, made by the Jackson custom shop in Ontario, Calif. His bridge pickups are seymour Duncan JBs, and they're wired pickup to volume to output. The pickup selector and the tone knob are bypassed, and the neck pickup is never used. I adjust the nut for Dave's string gauge which is .010 to .052 D'Addario XL-147s. The ebony fingerboard, 24 fret necks are maple neck-trough with poplar wings for the body. They have fixed Kahler bridges with no vibrato arm.

4-E: Amps

We're using Custom Audio Electronics' Three Plus preamp, which has three separate channels, each with its own gain, master vol., tone controls, and bright swtich. Channel One is voiced like a blackface Fender. Channel 2 is voiced like a Marshall JCM 800. Channel 3 is voice like a Marshall Plexi. There's also a master section that has another master vol., a presence control, and a bass control, and you can assign that to any of the channels at any time. They're designed for by John Suhr, of Pensa-Suhr guitars, in conjunction with Bob Bradshaw.

The signal goes trough the preamp into a Bradshaw/Rocktron switching system equipped with Rocktron Hush noise reduction. Each guy has a couple of Yamaha SPX-900 reverb in his rack. These are hardly used for tracking, but they take care of all the time-domain effects live - delays, chorusing, flanging, modulation, pitch shifting. Dave also has an Alesis Quadraverb and he has a newer BBE, a model 862 is stereo it has a little more headroom and is cleaner sounding.

From there, the signal goes to the stereo power amps. We have VHT 2150s, Marshall 9100s, and MosValve 500s. Dave has four Crate 4x12 cabs two are loaded with 50 watt Celestions, ano has 25 watt Greenback Celestions, another has 75 watts Celestions.

4-E: Mic's

Each cab is mixed up with a Shure SM-57 and a Sennheiser MP-421.

4-E: Live Gear

Dave's Gear Live:

4-E: Marty Friedman:

Marty uses a Jackson Kelly, which is like an exaggerated, pointy Explorer. It has 24 frets, a Kahler bridge, Duncan JP Pickups, and no tone knobs. Marty's strings are .010 to .052 Dean Markleys. The other guitars he uses : 91's Gibson Firebird, a G&L ASAT Classic, a reissue vintage '60s Strat, and an '80s Les Paul custom that Marty for a lot of neck pickup stuff. He has a Alvarez acoustic that he uses for bridge sections and middle eights.

4-E: Amps

Marty has a similar setup : two Crate 4x12s with 50 watt Celestions, one with Vintage 30s, and an old Marshall 4x12 with 75 watt Celestions. Each cab is mixed up with a Shure SM-57 and a Sennheiser MP-421.

4-E: Marty's Gear Live:

4-E: David's Gear Live:

4-E: Nick's Drum Gear Live:

DW Turbo Pedals, Danmar Wood Beaters, Vic Firth american Classic Rock 2B Sticks, Aquarian Custom Drum Skins/Cymbal Springs, Voelker Custom Rack System, DDrum Unit, Akai S 1000 Sampler

Mic's For Nick's Drum Kit:

4-F: Youthanasia Gear

For the Youthanasia tour and CD: I use Ampeg amplification, D'addario strings, Modulus Graphite & Jackson Basses

Recorded with

Tour with Live I use a Samson Nick Menza

4-F: Partial Youthanasia Drum kit set up

Cymbals for Drum Kit

4-G: Needles and Pins

Dave: Peavey 5150 Amps

4-H: Endorsements and Signature Models

Countdown: Jackson Guitars, D'Addario Strings, Dean Markley Strings, Tama Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Aquarian Skins, Vic Firth Sticks, Voelker System, Gallien Krueger Amplifiers, Samson/Hartke, BBE


Marty: The Marty Friedman Signature series Kelly by Jackson USA Released in 1996 - Distributed in Britain by John Hornby Skewes. They are also supposed to be hand signed by Marty and there will only be 100 guitars made.

Types Available:

Jackson KE-1 Kelly Marty Friedman Signature Model
Wood: Quilt maple top, 1/4" thick, Quartersawn hardrock maple neck (all our stuff is quartersawn)
Body: Poplar
Neck: Ebony fretboard, Large, jumbo fret wire, 24 frets


Pick-Ups: Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck (TB-4)
Tuning Heads: Gotoh
Nut: Phenolic nut
Tremelo: Kahler 3300 non-tremelo bridge with fine tuners
Misc: One volume control (because Marty likes it that way), Schaller straplocks, real mother-of-pearl sharkfin inlays and logo
Finish: Transparent black, black, and snow white pearl
Strings: D'Addario strings 10-52



Retail list price: US$1745; solid colors are $1645; SKB Case is US$139.95

You can see a picture of the guitar at the Jackson Web site:


Types Available:

Jackson KE-5 Kelly Marty Friedman Signature Model - Made in Japan
A single humbucker (EMG's Perhaps?)
Bound 24-fret ebony fingerboard
Gold hardware
Floyd Rose Licensed tremolo
Metal flake black finish



Price: $1359 list $2124

Contact Information:

The Jackson Charvel Guitar Company
1316 East Lancaster
Ft. Worth, Texas, 76102


Marty: Crate' BLUE VOODOO Amps.




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Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! - Release date: May, 1985

Band roster:

Dave Mustaine: Lead vocals, lead rhythm/acoustic guitars,
David Ellefson: Bass guitars, back-up vocals
Chris Poland: Lead rhythm guitars
Gar Samuelson: Drums, percussion

Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! - Re-Release

Band roster:

Dave Mustaine: Lead vocals, lead rhythm/acoustic guitars,
David Ellefson: Bass guitars, back-up vocals
Chris Poland: Lead rhythm guitars
Gar Samuelson: Drums, percussion
*Note: The Re-release had 1 less song in it. "These Boots"

Demos Released

1982 - Last Rites (3-track demo)
  1. Last Rites
  2. Love You to Death
  3. Mechanix

Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? - Release date: November, 1986

Band roster:

Dave Mustaine: Lead vocals, lead rhythm guitars
Chris Poland: Lead rhythm guitars
David Ellefson: Bass guitars, back-up vocals
Gar Samuelson: Drums, percussion

Singles Released

Wake Up Dead - 7"

  1. Wake Up Dead
  2. Black Friday [Live]
7" Skull Shaped Picture Disc
  1. Wake Up Dead
  2. Black Friday [Live]
12" with Deth Certificate
  1. Wake Up Dead
  2. Black Friday [Live]
  3. Devils Island [Live]
  1. Wake Up Dead

So Far, So Good...So What!? - Release date: December, 1987