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Last Updated Dec 5th, 2000


Hmmm...this page wasn't working for the longest time. And now it is. There is of course no big EOS news as the band has not exsisted in quite some time. We did find a recording of an un-released song and Phil has remixed most of the CD (it sounds way better now). I'm not sure if any of these things will ever surface but ya never know. All of the members of EOS are still busy with music...I'm in Envision & Useless Solution...Mac is rockin it with The Plan & Shrine Of American Martyr (who recently covered an EOS song)....Phil and Sel are doing A/V...and Jonhutt is kicks it with Recyclone and other various noise things. Yup.

March 29th, 1999
Well folks...it's all over. The last show was awesome (minus my eye) I had a lot of fun and I hope everyone had a good time too!! We will probably end up recording a song or two that didn't make the CD so stay tuned for that in the distant future. OK...that's all i have time for.

I added some exciting PHOTOS so look at them.


We now have some songs for you to hear!!á They are in MP3 format so make sure you have winampnow.jpg (1461 bytes) or a MP3 player of some sort. á A super huge thank you to Brendan Stabenow for the MP3's.á In fact he's so cool that he might even re-vamp this sight to make it look a lot better.á Here are the songs:

Clay and Mortar


Saturday, April 3rd @ The Pavilion LAST SHOW EVER!!!! BE THERE!
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