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Well we are still here (2004) only news is that this page is more or less replicated in issue 21 of Ugly Things with a nice credit and excellent interview by Richard Mason with various FO/Street Level people. No more news, still chasing the Danny and the Dressmakers tapes (for two years now) and my scanner fell on my head the other day to add to further delays. Still contact me for tape swaps though.

This page is dedicated to the history of all things Street Level. This page has been developed as a fan site, I didnt have antything to do with the Street Level people other than going to many of the gigs and buying the records and cassettes. My music can be accessed from here.

Street Level was a recording studio based in west London, it existed in the early 1980's.
Many bands recorded there, they included Here & Now, Alternative TV, The Good Missionaries, The Door and The Window, 012, World Domination Enterprises, Androids Of Mu, Danny And The Dressmakers, Treatment, Instant Automatons etc .....
Street level spawned Fuck Off Records (or was it the other way around) and many other labels used their facilities. This site will detail the records recorded at Street Level and "music" closely associated with the West London DIY scene of the early eighties. Firstly there will be record/cassette discographies, followed by some historical texts for the groups involved, then some Real Audio sound files in glorious lofi.
Then of course there was the Idiots Ballroom at the Clarendon, the Meanwhile Gardens free concerts and the Radio 4 expose leading to the mobile Street level studio.

Back To Sing Again For Free Soon  Fuck Off Records   FO 001

First ever tape released in 1979. The master tape is worn through still retains some 
of the original sparkle.

Music For Pressure                Fuck Off Records   FO 007

The first F.O. compilation to feature recordings done at the Street level 8 track, 
a lot of great stuff.

Folk In Hell                      Fuck Off Records   FO 008

Really fantastic follow up to "Music For Pressure", all studio, all great.

Heart Noise Heart                 Ouch Records       Ouch 005

The 012 and the Sell Outs - not badly recorded seminal charisma and out of tune 
guitars. Gut level rock and roll from 1979.

Wierd Noise EP                    Fuck Off Records   FEP001

fish from tahiti                               012
cathy and claire                               DANNY AND THE DRESSMAKERS
ballad of fuck off records                     THE SELL OUTS
the truth about unemployment                   DANNY AND THE DRESSMAKERS
number one entertainer                         DOOR AND THE WINDOW
legalise vimto                                 DANNY AND THE DRESSMAKERS
hey ho my cholestarol level is low             DANNY AND THE DRESSMAKERS
electronic music                               INSTANT AUTOMATONS
dont make another bass guitar me rickenbacker  DANNY AND THE DRESSMAKERS

The Sell-Outs, The 012, The Door + The Window, and The Instant Automatons recorded at 
home on 4 track and 2 track tape machines. Danny + the Dressmakers get that unique 
"Dressmakers white noise" effect with 3rd generation cassette recordings. Whole thing 
got together by Kif Kif, Nag, Bendle and Protag and dedicated to the Steet Level 

Angst In My Pants                                    DEP002

   restless night       INSTANT AUTOMATONS
   scared to be alone   INSTANT AUTOMATONS
   cracked actor        MIC WOODS
   weekday crush        MIC WOODS
   silicone baby        MIDNIGHT CIRCUS
   hedonist jive        MIDNIGHT CIRCUS
   9 to 5               012
   in the ghetto        012
   sideways man         DIGITAL DINOSAURS
   not got champagne    LILY MALONE
   is it you, is it me  COLIN POTTER
   i am your shadow     COLIN POTTER
   quick one            COLIN POTTER
   blue eyed boy        MISSING PERSONS 
   angst in my pants    MISSING PERSONS

recorded at Street Level 8 track bannana factory 28th-30th july, engineered and mixed 
variously by kif kif, grant showbiz and corina ...

We Couldnt Agree On A Title       ICR                ICR001

   behind you           COLIN POTTER        organs                DIGITAL DINOSAURS
   we are so glad       COLIN POTTER        hole                  DIGITAL DINOSAURS
   buried alive         MISSING PERSONS     heart finds a home    ROBERT LAWRENCE
   mama                 MISSING PERSONS     sentimental           THOSE LITTLE ALIENS
   electrical storm     MISSING PERSONS     low point x           THOSE LITTLE ALIENS
   turn the clock back  WALKING FLOORS      why                   MIC WOODS
   9am                  VICTIMS OF ROMANCE  blabber n smoke       012
                                            bridewell anaesthetic PHILP JOHNSON

Lets Get Professional   Flicknife Records SHARP020
   lets get professional       san andreas fault
   i feel cool*                she doesn't come*
   three little birds*         rio tinto zinc international
   funkytown people            live fast die young
   asbestos lead asbestos      meltdown situation
                               three days then 4*

the 012 on this record are kif kif le batter - guitar and vocal, Jose Gross - drums and 
laughing, crazy alan Dogend - bass, Granto showbiz - bass on *, Richard ans Adrians rankin 
horns on three little birds. Recorded at Street Level 1981* and on the Street Level mobile 
83/84 cut by Jacko at tape one.

Music and Movement          NB001  Cassette

Permanent transience        NB002  Cassette

First EP                    NB1
Fashion Slaves
Dont Kill Colin
Wurst Band

Production Line             NB3
Production Line
He Feels Like a Doris
I Like Sound

Detailed Twang              NB5
green side
We Do Scare Each Other
Order and Obey
He Feels Like A Doris
Part Time Pumks
red side
In The Car
Subculture Fashion Slaves
Sticks and Stones
Why Must You Build Walls Around Us?
Detailed Twang

Androids Of Mu

Android Of Mu DROIDS 001
   early 30 minute cassette.

Blood Robots  FLP001

   1. Atomic X                       1. Confusion
   2. Who Cares                      2. Bored Housewifes
   3. Fast Car                       3. Lost In Space
   4. She Is A Boy                   4. Subtitles
   5. Pretty Nun                     5. Jeen Dreams
Recorded at Street Level, produced by the Androids + Kif Kif with help 
from Granto.

Vibing Up The Senile Man   DLP03   Oct/Nov 1978

   1. Release The Natives            1. The Good Missionary
   2. Serpentine Gallery             2. Graves Of Deluxe Green
   3. Poor Association               3. Smile In The Day
   4. The Radio Story      
   5. Facing Up To The Facts  

Mark Perry        - instruments, voice
Dennis burns      - instruments, voice
Mick Linehan      - guitar
Steve Jameson     - 3rd voice
Genesis P-Orridge - percussion

Recorded at pathway Sound Studios Oct/Nov 1978.
Engineering, assistant production and vibing by Wally Brill.

The Avant - Punk Years
I rejected punk's restrictive format and took ATV into a direction that was more like free form jazz than the three chord thrash. Some critics despised the change, a few applauded it. I didnt give a shit. As far as I was concerned, it was my band and I could do what I wanted with it. Miles Copeland (my manager at the time) still talks about the day thet I first played him 'Vibing...', he sat there aghast thinking it was some sort of joke until he realised that I was deadly serious. 'Vibing ...' had, and still has a clarity that I could never acheive within the confines or the traditional rock sound. Punk inspired me but I could never let it constrain me. 'Vibing ...' is all about me and my life - wierd, stark and sometimes even embarassing. I wanted people to like the album because I guess I wanted them to like me. The real me, not Mark P Punk prophet, but me that lurks behind all the bullshit. I thought that people would appreciate my honesty but most rejected it, perferring the safe world of pop-punk. I still think that 'Vibing ...' is a classic punk album because it takes it into truly chaotic territory - witness the brooding 'The Radio Story' for proof. To me, punks only boundaries are the ones that have been set up in peoples closed minds. Punk became the new rock music.
Mark Perry January 1996.

Good Missionary/Facing Up To The Facts/Vibing          Nov 1978

Mark Perry        - voice, guitar, piano
Dennis burns      - bass guitar, recorder
Wally Brill       - vibing
Steve Jameson     - 3rd voice
Mick Linehan      - guitar

Recorded at pathway Sound Studios Oct/Nov 1978. Produced by Mark Perry and Dennis Burns.
Force Is Blind/Lost In Room   Feb 1979

Mark Perry     - voice, drums, electric violin, percussion
Dennis Burns   - bass guitar, synthesizer
Anno           - voice
Dave George    - chime bars, guitar
Wally Brill    - sound effects, organ 

Produced by ATV/Wally Brill at Pathway Feb 1979.

It wasnt long before ATV imploded once more, leaving only Perry and Burnss to record the profoudly experimental "Vibing Up The Senile Man", before the pair emerged from a lenghty 'free' tour with Here and Now to record the 'ATV Memorial Single', "The Force Is Blind/Lost In Room". It was as far away from the Roxy Club as you could get, although for Perry, punk rock had become a strait-jacket cliche-ridden and hijacked by imposters, that he barely wanted to be associated with it any more. "The Force Is Blind" was as intense and paranoid a piece of music as you'll find from any late 70s, tripping over itself with lysergic karma, just as the bands earlier '1-2-3-4' punk rock material had pogoed furiously in amphetamine directed straight lines. The group had collapsed as had the dreams which had propelled it into action.
Mark Paytress November 1993.

Scars On Sunday     W001    Spring 79/May 79

   1. Nasty Little Lonely            1. Bottom Of The World
   2. Release the Natives            2. The Good Missionary Goes For A walk
   3. Radio Story/Lost In Room       3. The Morning They Took Me Away
   4. Fellow Sufferer
   5. The Force Is Blind
   6. Good Missionary/Total Disregard For The Greenwich Theatre.

Side one is the penultimate Alternative TV gig at the Greewich Theatre in Spring 1979. It features the very shaky drums of Dave George and vocals from Anno Wombat. Line-up

Mark Perry   : vocals/guitar/keyboards/wind instruments/percussion
Dave George  : drums/percussion/special effects
Dennis Burns : bass guitar
Anno Wombat  : vocals/wind instruments/percussion

Side two is the very first Good Missionary concert in "Bottom Of The World" a jam recorded at the "Gig of the century" in the Lyceum ballroom May 1979. The other two numbers are also largely improvised and were recorded on the "Pop Group" tour summer 1979.

Mark Perry     : vocals/guitar/wind instruments
Dave George    : guitar/vocals/chime bars/effects
Dennis Burns   : bass guitar
Gillian Hanna  : vocals/wind instruments/percussion
Suze Da Blooz  : vocals/wind instruments/percussion
Anno Wombat    : vocals/wind instruments/percussion
Henry Badowski : drums/saxaphone

This is the first in Fuck Off records "Wierd Experiments In Noise" collection and is a serious attempt to blow your mind with sound. As you may have noticed the long drwan out 'hypnotic' pieces (otherwise known as the boring bits) are necessary to bring out the sheer power of the noisy bits inherant in this type of music. While every attempt is made to ensure perfect audio reproduction, we must admit we quite enjoy that 'fucked up' sound. The Good Missionaries is a natural progression from Alternative TV. ATV in the beginning were a pretty hard hitting if not intriging sort of punk group. However as time has passed, variuos members have joined and left the band until the final line up (recorded on side one) decided that the music had changed so much and lots of people were still coming to the gigs expecting the older line ups, that changing the name would be a good idea. About the time of this penultimate gig the music had got so wierd that hardcore heavy punks had taken to throwing bottles at the band, on one occasionMark was knocked unconsious by one, and during side one the tension in the air is easy to spot, as is the final destruction of the equipment by band and audience alike, after the PA is switchedoff mid-set. Side two starts with a jam recorded on the first Good Missionaries gig, a tentative affair where the group performed in masks, it was allmeant as a bit of a laugh really but the band enjoyed the relief from not having a name to live up to, subsequently the content is less strained. The rest of side two feature two performances on the most recent Pop Group tour featuring the newest line-up. These additions and changes aid Mark in his former capacity as lead instrumentalist by stopping up a lot of gaps he used to have to run around the stage to fill all by himself. And generally I think it will be agreed that these later recordings show the band at their most relaxed and productive to date.
Sleeve note

Fire From Heaven       DLP04   May/June 1979

   1. Another Coke/The Body +        1. Fire From Heaven *
   2. The Force Is Blind +           2. Release The Natives *
   3. Thief Of Fire *                3. Fellow Sufferer In Dub +
   4. The Radio Story @              4. Bugger The Cat #

+  Manchester University 19/5/79
*  St. Andrews University 13/5/79
@  Liverpool Eric's 2/6/79  
#  Bristol Locarno 4/6/79

Henry Badowski - drums,sax
Dennis Burns   - bass guitar
Dave George    - guitar, chime bars, whoope flute, percussion, melodica, vocals
Gillian Hanna  - vocals, recorder
Mark perry     - guitar, organ,percussion,clarinet, vocals
Sooze          - vocals
Glyn Collins   - flute
Paul Reekie    - bass
Mark + Simon   - pop grouping
Kif Kif        - sound

ATV working live disguised as The Good Missionaries, which was 'Vibing On The Road' recorded live on the "Animal Instincts" tour 1979. We had agreat time touring with Pop Group who supported us financially and spiritually. We made a lot of noise, dismantled some old songs and then broke up. It was great fun while it lasted.
Mark Perry January 1996

Vibing Up The Senile World EP    Norm 1    May 1979

   1. Good Missionary Part 1 *
   2. Good Missionary Part 2 *
   3. Kif Kif Freakout       #

- Dave George - Dennis Burns - Gillian Hanna - Mark perry - Glyn Collins - Henry Badowski - 
Kif Kif le mixer - Dick O'Dell - Anno - Paul Reekie -

Recorded live on the "Animal Instincts" tour 1979.
* Manchester University 19/5/79
# St Andrews University 13/5/79

The Good Missionaires evolved from Alternative TV during the Pop Group 'Animal Instincts' tour. With the addition of more instruments and musicians, the idea was to carry on playing the old ATV songs but to use them as a root for musical experimentation. This was successful to some extent, but the hoped for development of new material from this format did not happen. This record ia an example of the sort of musical meandering thet the Good Missionaries used to get up to. The master tape of this record was given to the Hastings Anarchist group's paper, Poisen Pen, as a contribution towards the setting up of Hastings Free Press, and to help launch Unormality Records. The Good Missionaries have not, in fact, split up, but only one person from the previous line-up Dave George, remains. The 'new' Good Missionaries are based in Hastings and have spent the last few months rehearsing and learning a completely new set of songs, and music. Though retaining many of the ideas prevalent in the old band the music has become more structured and formalised to try to put these ideas in to a context that works. Because this record is not representative to the Good Missionaries as they now sound, and due to unforseen delays in its release, it has been decided to limit the number of copies pressed to one thousand.
Sleeve notes

Perry & Burns   You Cry Your Tears/Music Death          NB 7   March 1980
Mark:voice,drums,soprano sax Dennis:bass Anno:violin, weebles Bendle:weebles Dave George:Drums
Recorded at Street Level March/April 1980.

Mark Perry      Whole World Down On Me/I Live He Dies   DFC12  March 1980

Mark Perry    vocal, drums, tenor sax.
Dennis Burns  guitar,bass.
Nag           synthesiser.
Anno          violin.
Bendle        drums.

Recorded at street level on the 25th and 26th of March 1980.
Produced by Mark Perry, Dennis Burns and Grant Showbiz.

Mark Perry      Snappy Turns                            DFC 06 May/June/July 1980

   1. Snappy Turns                 1. Death Looks Down
   2. The Object Is To Love        2. The Game Is Over
   3. You Know                     3. Quagga's Last Stand
   4. Inside
   5. At War

   Mark Perry    voice/drums/alto sax/piano/flute
   Dennis Burns  bass guitar/piano
   Nag           tambourine
   Grant Showbiz bass guitar
   Tyrone        guitar
   Anno          violin

Recorded at Street Level May/June/July 1980.

Radio Sessions     Overground OVER44CD 1977 - 1986
1.  Love Lies Limp
2.  Action Time and Vision
3.  Still Life 
4.  Life After life
5.  The Good Missionary
6.  Release The Natives
7.  Going Round In Circles
8.  Nasty Little Lonely
9.  Cold Rain
10. There Goes My Date With Doug
11. Communicate
12. Straighten Up

1-4  Mark Perry:vocals,guitar Kim Turner:guitar Dennis Burns:bass Chris Bennett:drums,horn,vocals
     Producer Tony Wison Peel Session 12 December 1997
5-8  Mark Perry:vocals,guitar,percussion,effects Dennis Burns:bass,recorder Mark Lineham:guitar
     Producer Tony Wilson Peel Session 27 July 1978
9-11 Mark Perry:vocals Alex Fergusson:guitar,synth,vocals Dennis Burns: bass Ray Weston:drums
     Producer ATV Engineer Grant Showbiz Street Level Pirate Radio 1981
12   Mark Perry:vocals,guitar Protag:guitar Steve Cannell:bass Allison Philips:drums
     Producer Protag Bangkok Radio 1986

Asbestos Lead Asbestos          Karbon       K008
Catalogue Clothes               Product Inc  PROD 112
Hotsy Girl                      Product Inc  PROD 5 
I Cant Live Without My Radio    12"
Lets Play Domination            Product Inc  PROD 18
Dub Domination                  remix LP
Love from Lead City             live LP

The disturbing noise/chaos level achieved by this angular Ladbroke Grove (London) trio-formed by singer/guitarist Keith Dobson after the dissolution of his previous band, 012--is indeed something marvelous. The astonishing high-pressure racket of Let's Play Domination's opening salvo ("Message for You People") may send you rushing to the turntable to see if your stylus is accidentally gouging a hole in the platter. Besides sturdily unsettling originals, the album--clearly a stiff-upper-lip cousin to Big Black, Birthday Party and other punishing pain-inflicters-includes a relatively straight rendition of L.L. Cool J's "I Can't Live Without My Radio" as well as deranged interpretations of Lipps, Inc.'s "Funkytown" and a U-Roy number. As Dobson layers on the scathing, slithery guitar and sings in a plain, serviceable voice, the rhythm section lurches and pounds in a tight phalanx; producer Dave Allen captures the entire meltdown with thrilling clarity.

Judging by their 12-inch singles, all of which contain alternate mixes, WDE is big on remixes, which makes the release of Dub Domination--eight album tracks given studio massages--no big surprise. Love from Lead City, packaged to look like a bootleg, with no information or credits, is a crude live record (with no hint of an audience's presence) that features spare but crushing renditions of such headbutts as "Funkytown," "Message for You People" and the political "Asbestos Lead Asbestos," a song originally from 012's album.

Stamp Out Mutants/Doncha Know   LYN-95 90-IT   1981

Recorded at Street Level by Kif Kif and Corrina.
Sounds by Treatment special thanks to the Grahams, John Thomson,
The Basement Club and all the punters.

Here & Now

Stolen Moments  CASS 2  1981
1. A little bit of knowledge         
2. City man cry                          
3. Underground                        
4. The mega number                   
5. The telly song                    
6. Intro / Jacques Cousteau loves anchovies
7. Nudge up double de luxe 
8. Acid arcade / Russian  roulette
9. Ways to be free

Line Up : Steffy Sharpstrings (Guitar and Vocals), Dino Ferrari (Guitar and Vocals), Gary Maughn, Keith The Bass (Bass and Vocals), Gavin Da Blitz (K/boards and Vocals), Rob (dunno which one) (Drums).
Tracks 1- 5 recorded on an 8 track at Street Level Studios.

F. O. RECKORDS (December 1981).

Wierd Noise EP                    Fuck Off Records   FEP001

   number one entertainer                        DOOR AND THE WINDOW
   legalise vimto                                DANNY AND THE DRESSMAKERS
   hey ho my cholestarol level is low            DANNY AND THE DRESSMAKERS
   electronic music                              INSTANT AUTOMATONS
   dont make another bass guitar me rickenbacker DANNY AND THE DRESSMAKERS
   fish from tahiti                              012
   cathy and claire                              DANNY AND THE DRESSMAKERS
   ballad of fuck off records                    THE SELL OUTS
   the truth about unemployment                  DANNY AND THE DRESSMAKERS

The Sell-Outs, The 012, The Door + The Window, and The Instant Automatons recorded at 
home on 4 track and 2 track tape machines. Danny + the Dressmakers get that unique 
"Dressmakers white noise" effect with 3rd generation cassette recordings. Whole thing 
got together by Kif Kif, Nag, Bendle and Protag and dedicated to the Steet Level 

Street Level EP                    Fuck Off Records   FEP002

   Pontin Stomp                       VINCE PIE AND THE CRUMBS                     
   Blues Exterminator                 BLUE MIDNIGHT
   Poisoned                           THE VOLTONES
   Looking For You                    THE ENTIRE COSMOSS

One Million Hamburgers             Fuck Off Records   FEP003

   One Million Hamburgers             ALL STARS
   Dream                              BLUE MIDNIGHT
   Tribute                            BLUE MIDNIGHT

F.O. 001 back to sing for free - various
Dick Heley - Void Burstin
Dick Heley - Photograph Of Feeling
Astronauts - Secret File
Astronauts - All Night Party
Astronauts - Back To Sing For Free Again Soon
Dick Heley & Blankspace - Fantasy
Anal Surgeons - Wheres That Fag
Dog Ends - Aint No Free Unless Its Free
Alternative TV - Terrified Of Dogs
Wilful Damage - You Hang At Midnight
Wilful Damage - No-one Cares
Wilful Damage - Fictitious
Wilful Damage - Farewell To Innocence
Danny And The Dressmakers - Ernie Bishops Dead Body
Danny And The Dressmakers - How Hot Is A Match
Danny And The Dressmakers - John E BeGood
Danny And The Dressmakers - What The World Needs Now
Danny And The Dressmakers - Whole Lotta Pinball
Danny And The Dressmakers - Dont Make Another Bass Guitar
Danny And The Dressmakers - Manchester United
The Sell Outs - Rock + Roll Honcert
Seventh Angel - From A Sly Fox To A Pack Of Wolves
Amazing Zeepee Silent Orchestra - No Kung Future
Planet Gong - Psychedelic Man
Blankspace -
F.0. 002 200 Cancellations - Danny and the Dressmakers
F.0. 003 200 Cancellations - Danny and the Dressmakers
F.0. 004 200 Cancellations - Danny and the Dressmakers
F.0. 005 Really Wierd - various
F.0. 006 Stolen and Erased by Zounds
F.0. 007 Music For Pressure - various

Wierd Noise Tapes.

W. 000 Wierd Sampler
Unkown Girl - opium for the people
012 - fish from tahiti
Danny & The Dressmakers - Supermarket Tango
Living Dead - Insperation Persperation
Horrible Nurds - Lets All Sign To Virgin Records
Anthrax For The People - Union Canal Mystery
Blankspace - Little Green Pills
A.T.V. - Release The Natives
Good Missionaries - Go For A Walk
Kif Kif - Magic Hat
Danny & The Dressmakers - Welcome
The Sell Outs - Money
Hearing Aids - Random Excerpt
The Door and The Window - Worst Band
Instant Automatons - Excerpt
W. 001 Scars On Sunday - Alternative TV/Good Missionaries
Nasty Little Lonely
Release The Natives
The Radio Story/Lost In Room
Fellow Sufferer
The Force Is Blind
Good Missionary
Total Disregard for the Greenwich Theatre
Bottom Of The World
Good Missionary Goes For A Walk
The Morning They Took Me Away
Side One is the complete tape of the penultimate Alternative TV gig recorded live at the Greenwich Theatre in
Spring 1979. It features the very shakey drumming of Dave George and vocals by Anno Wombat.
Side Two features the very first Good Missioaries concert at "The Bottom Of The World" a jam recorded at
at the 'Gig Of The Century' in the Lyceum Ballroom May 1979. The other two numbers are also largely
improvised and were recorded on the "Pop Group" tour Summer 1979.
W. 002 All I Can Hear Is People Talking - The Hearing Aids
W. 003 39 Golden Grates - Danny and the Dressmakers
W. 004 Living Dead No 5 - Funhouse
W. 005 The Grand Union Canal Mystery - Anthrax For The People

Organized Chaos Tapes.

OUCH 001 Several Musical Varieties Of Cow Dung - Hove Wierdos
OUCH 002 Bimbo Lunchbox - JT Bimbo
OUCH 003 Debasement Tapes - Missing Persons
OUCH 004 Sound Of Music - Repition and the Repitions
OUCH 005 Heart Noise Heart - 012 and the Sellouts
OUCH 006 Joie De Vivre - Chris Scott
OUCH 007 Absolutely Nothing - 3rd Door From The Left
OUCH 008 Thump Eek Ooze - The Rook
OUCH 009 An Hour Of Tortue With - The Teen Vampires
OUCH 010 Just Another Pop Group - Ironeye
OUCH 011 Mr OReilly - Danny and the Dressmakers
OUCH 012 Go Mental - Danny and the Dressmakers
OUCH 013 Fight Back - Wye

Funky Weird Tapes.

FW. 001 White patterns On Her Dress - 012
FW. 002 Christian Conciosness - Concerned Christians

Serious Fun Tapes.

SERF 001 Rape and Pillage - Missing Persons
SERF 002 Magnet Vaccine- The Beach Surgeons
SERF 003 A Trivia Freaks Guide to the ... - Post Natals
SERF 004 Pub Pianist Gets In On The Act - Horrible Nurds
SERF 005 Soundtrack - Ironeye
SERF 006 Sex Crimes - Concerned Christians
SERF 007 More Songs - God and the Turds
SERF 008 Tambourine Improvisations - The Beach Surgeons
SERF 000 Serf Sampler - Various

Still Crazy After All These Years Tapes.

SKATY 001 Go Fly With Him - Beach Surgeons
SKATY 002 Nuclear Wasteland - Missing Persons
SKATY 003 Sausage Album - God and the Turds

More info soon.