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Hi, my name is Derek, I live in upstate New York, I have two younger brothers, Corey and Nic, and a younger sister, Emily. I have a dog named Duncan, and a cat named Mimi. If you are like me you like all music that is original. I tend to listen to heavy bands and some old school rap. I like to play drums and inline skate. I also like to work on my website. Have a great time at my site and don't forget to sign my guestbook!

I have been slacking on keeping the site up to date. It's not my fault, I have been busy.

If you have any question about any of the bands I mention, my band, or if you would like tips on how to create a website like this one just email me. Email me!

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A few of my favorite bands are Coal Chamber , Cutthroat, Deftones , downset., Fear Factory , Hed (pe) , Incubus , KoRn , Limp Bizkit , Meshuggah , Nine Inch Nails , Nothingface , Orange 9mm , Primus , Rage Against The Machine , Sepultura , Silverchair , Slipknot , Stink!#bug , Snot , Soulfly , Strife, Sublime , System Of A Down , The Haunted and White Zombie .

I heard of most of these bands from my best friend and bandmate, John, check out his site below!!!


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