The following website contains text that most people would be bored by.
If you want, enter.
If not, the go fuck yourself and use the internet
for something gay like educational purposes.

If you are still here, then

otherwise, leave.
or Kevin Smith will kick your lily ass.

- Save The World -
- Kill Yourself -

This page was created in association with Geocities and great family programming TV channels, because I blame each one for fucking up my "would be" average mind. Thank you, Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street, because if I hadn't wasted the earlier years of my life, I wouldn't have become the useless piece of white trash that I have become today, and I would have a meaniful job, with no time to corrupt America's youth with a vulgar and hateful website. Thank you PBS. Thank you Geocities. Thank you humanity, you useless piece of shit. I will fix you before you realize it.