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Hi Im Karen!! Im doing some major work to this site. Most of the information such as hanson, new kids, rin tin tin, and pretender will be gone. I believe we are living in the end times and there is so much information out there on them already. I believe we need information containing to the salvation of the human soul. That is why I am changing this site. My family and pets information will still remain. But other then that im sorry to say no worldly stuff on this site. Feel free to look at my new site and see my testimony as to how Jesus came into my life. The link will be below. Also as for an update on my life I am now married and have two wonderful kids!

God Bless you all very much,

Karen Lydia Koons

My Pets
Pet Cemetery
In loveing memory...MOM
In Loving memory...My Grandparents
My new Site
my church's site
Lost And Found... A Christian Band

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