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Gollie Gee. That was a long drawn out and aggrivating process I don't want to go through again. Since Yahoo and Geocities Merged I had a heck of a time getting back into my account to work on my site. I had to redo the thing like 7 times. But I have succeeded now and I will continue to work on the site. Sorry its taking me so long.

Wow!!! I am sorry to anyone who believed that I would actually get something done in the first few weeks after school got out...I thought I would have so much time! Well, I was wrong, as I am sure some others of you may have found yourselves. I have been working on it though...I am just probably going to put all the new stuff up all at once. So it will take a while till you see a change. Sorry about that. I am completely redoing the site though, so what do you expect. If you want to know when I finally do get the new stuff up, and you don't want to keep checking back, just e-mail me at BSB_Buff@hotmail.com. Yeah, its not the KLTY one. Oh, thats another thing I have to mention...if you have tried to e-mail me at KLTY lately, I didn't get it...my stupid e-mail isn't working...I have requested help from tech support though and reported my problem, so hopefuly I will get all my e-mails eventually. Sorry about that.

Oh, and PLEASE sign the questbook.

I just want to let everyone know that I will be redoing the site almost completely really soon. I am going to re-do the outline of this page, the index, to a great extent. I just found it to be kinda dull and agrivating. I will be organizing it a lot more. That's me... Miss organization (unless of course you have seen my room). Hopefully the results will be good.

Oh, I am also in the process of writing my own review for Millennium. I have finished my review for the album in general, and I have two of the songs done. I just need to get them up.

New US Tour Dates!
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Hey, everybody! I am not finished redoing the lyrics, but I am putting them up anyway. You may find that the lyrics aren't there for some of the songs on the first album. Its just cause I haven't gotten the time to put them up yet. Here is the link to my lyrics:
Backstreet Boys Lyrics

I am sorry that I haven't been updating the site lately. We are in the last two weeks of school, and I have finals coming up next week. As soon as that is over though, I should have lot more time, and I will be updating and improving.

MILLENNIUM! It's great. A critic fo the Dallas Morning News (that's where I live, by Dallas) gave the CD a bad review, but he is one of few. Honestly I believe he is an old man who has prejudices built up and wasn't willing to even give them a chance. he even criticized them for things they didn't do.
If you want to see his review, Click Here.

If After checking out the site you think it has potential and would like to be informed when I finally do get to all this stuff I keep saying I'm going to get to, you can E-mail me at Lizzy737@kltymail.com and I will let you know as soon as I get some of that stuff done.

Oh, one more thing. If you happen to find any links or anything on my page that aren't working, could you please let me know so that I can fix them? Thanks a buch!


For now, until I get to update the site, I am going to give you a few links right here that you may want to check out if you get a chance.

Caitlin's BSB Page
This is probably my absolute favorite site on the web. Check it out.

Rock On TV
Sign up on the mailing list and they will send you weekly lists of who's on TV each day. Then go to the site to find out where and when.

If I remember correctly, this is LFO's official site. I don't know much about the group, but they have opened for the boys, and may again. You may want to check them out too. For more links go to my links page: My Links

OK, I am guessing that if you are here you probably got here because you searched for the Backstreet Boys, or were at another BSB site and found the link. Either way you should already know who they are. Or you might be one of my friends who I suckered into checking this out because I needed an opinion. Even then I talk about the boys enough that you should have pretty adaquate Backstreet Boys knowledge. Still it does not matter. What is a BSB site without the basics like Biographies, etc anyway? Well, here it is, and as I metnioned above, there will be some major changes taking place in the next month or so. After I have cleaned up the site and all that I will start putting more current news and stuff like that on here. Just gie me time. Well...enjoy (or don't, but I would strongly suggest that you do, cause life is just more....enjoyable if you enjoy things. Yes, slightly redundant.)

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Okay guys, I need your help. I need people to send me the e-mail addresses of BSB posers, your schemes to meet the BSB, your pomes about the BSB, your links about the BSB, links to pics of the BSB, magazine articles on the BSB, things you've noticed about the BSB, interesting facts on the BSB.....In other words, ANYTHING BSB RELATED. Thanks. :)

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