Zach's Web Design

Welcome to Zach's Web Design. Here people will be able to buy different layouts of webpages that I will build by myself. Notice that all of my "artwork" is from scratch. I do not and will not ever use a webpage editor/developer such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage. I think people who use those kinds of programs should never be a webdesigner, unless their intent is to understand how webpages are built. That is how I started, by using Dreamweaver and Frontpage, until I got skillful enough at building a page from scratch.

I may also have pictures, banners, and the likes alone with this page. I do not build layouts and/or pictures on requests right now, since I am busy with College right now. However, when I get more time in the future, I may start taking requests for people who don't like what they see, but would like a layout built by me.

This page will be under construction until I get atleast 10-15 layouts built on my other computer. Once I'm done building those layouts and getting a "snapshot" (so no one illegally uses my layouts) of each layouts, I will post them and start taking orders. I do not and probably never will take Major Credit Cards, nor Debit Cards. I only accept Money Orders, Cash (at your risk of sending), and checks (with a waiting period for check to clear). In the future I may start taking PayPal, but now I do not accept anything else besides the three payments I've mentioned, so PLEASE, do not ask if I will take anything else. Also, the currency MUST BE in U.S. Dollars ($).