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This page is dedicated to the memory of Patricia Elizabeth Proppe.
The greatest lady we will ever know.
July 7 1939-June 9 1998

Welcome to Beep Studios!!

If this is your first visit, Welcome! If you are back to see what's new, we welcome you, too! This page began with Beep Studios, to get the music out. We have since decided to expand, not so much on the Studio, but on the Man behind the music! Damon. We will give you, the visitor, a glimpse of the world through his sharing his life, times, thoughts, experiences, memories and dreams. And buddy, they are vast!

So far, we have music samples from "A Thousand Words", a quick pictoral of Damon at work & play, and "Damon...On the Road" a trucker's journal. You'll get a first hand look at life from the big rig, without the harassment of traffic, toll roads, and the ever present DOT boys!
We will be adding more pics to the picture gallery...including the support folks.....Bob, Pat, Darla, Heidi, Jess, Chance, Clayton & name just a few, in all our glory!

We will put on lyrics to some of Damon's songs (in hopes of boosting sales) and the stories behind them, to give you a more in depth feel of the music.....beginning with The Cape (last song from A THOUSAND WORDS, available now, e-mail us to find out how!)

On short notice, Damon came up with this mission statement for writing his songs:

"Never try to answer questions...that leaves you open for someone to say you are wrong. Don't try to make a statement...leave that for the politicians. The only limits on music are the ones you put on yourself, there are no rules carved in stone."

And to make the music come to life, "I try to take emotions that everyone has had, or will feel at some point in their lives, and put them to music. It has all been said before, and will be said again as long as there is an instrument that can be strummed, banged, blown, squeezed, or fingered to accompany the thoughts."

"In my opinion, it is the music's job to touch the very emotion you are reaching for before the words ever start, then it is up to the words to lead the listener through their own memories, desires & dreams....without even realizing it. That is what I call making the connection. So even if it has been said or sung before, just maybe, it hasn't been said in a way you could relate to it. So when the song is finished, I sing it to the heart & soul, through the ears."

Wow, that just about says it, huh?

Click on "next" below to take our guided tour of the picture gallery, the listening gallery, and the road journal. Or if you've already been here, click on each link to see what's new. Either way, please sign the guestbook, and let us know what you think, or tell us what you'd like on see on this page (sorry, the only nude photos are baby pics!) We want to make this an interactive page, enjoyable for all (me & Heidi are having a ball!) so we'd like your input. You can still get your copy of A THOUSAND WORDS, e-mail us at to find out how.
Please keep checking back!!

Stay tuned for info on the $1,000.00 sure to sign the guestbook!

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