"Welcome to my website.

Welcome to my new website which is undergoing major changes at the moment.Over the next few weeks i will be adding new pages so please keep popping in to see the new pages and the new wavs i will be adding.

These are mainly wavs from my AOL days which were used in chatrooms.Now no longer with AOL I`ve decided to keep these pages going for some of the wonderful people i met online such as my good friend Trashy (see i gave you a mention !) ..and not forgeting one very special person ..thank for being there.

If you require any help with wavs please feel free to email me..i have 17,000 of the things so should be able to help....or if you have a good site and would like it included in my link page just send it along and i will take a look.

Now go have some fun,download some wavs and dont forget to sign my guest book on the way out ..take care xx

Look how many people have visited my site!

The Wav Jumpgate

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