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I build this page becoz I definitely admire Faye's style, her voice, her songs and her personalities. I am inspired by almost everything she does, and this page is dedicated to her.

No one tree can make a forest; and no one man can cover all. I will make my full effort to make this page the best and the most informative, but I can't do it all by myself. I need contribution of scanned images and latest updates from all the people who love faye. I need all the help I can get. So, please help me to make this site a great homepage so that everyone get to share all the cool stuff about faye. Your contribution will be noted, surely.

Elements that Need Contribution from u:
1.Any faye's pictures (not more than 400 x 400 pixels)
2.Scanned faye's album cover which are not available in Released Album section
3.Others Cool Faye Homepages link to be included in Cool faye's links section
4.Latest news or update about faye
5.Write in ur personal experience regarding anything about faye or her songs 
  to be published in Adore Faye section
6.Send in ur cool art or effect about faye to be published in Angel Gallery
7.And anything about faye that u things is relevant, including ur precious

This site is specially designed for all the people who love faye or someone who intended to know who is faye. Follow the links and all your wishes and doubt will be fulfilled. Any comment suggestion or contribution, pls mail me or sign my guestbook. If I fail to note any of your contribution or picture or information taken from your homepage, please tell me.