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I'm glad you stopped by and I hope that you will enjoy your visit here, as much as I've
enjoyed creating my Home Page! This is my first time in Home Page building and I've
been working hard, spending many hours trying to design my pages and create my own backgrounds and graphics. In the future I'll try to improve it and your opinion about my work will count and will help me very much. First of all, I want to tell you a few things
about what you're gonna read and see in my next pages, which I think, especially
persons about the same age with me, will find interesting and entertaining. I'm telling  some things about me and my friends, to let you get knowing me better through the
things I like. My hobbies, my favorite songs and singers, movies and actors I prefer.
There is a Fun Page were you can spend some time playing games and laugh with the jokes. From my "Music" and "Movie" pages,  you have the chance to find and grab
the midi of your choice or the picture of your favorite movie star! *g* There is of course
a "Link" page where I give credit to some special Sites, which are worth for every one
to visit. Here is also, my "Awards" page which I must admit that is my best! 'cause
there are the beautiful gifts you give me for what I have done in my Site, making me
feel proud and honored. Before you leave, please take a minute to sign my guestbook,
to let me know you were here and return the favor! *smiles*

*** Enjoy your stay! ***

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